Day 1 and a bit scared - Champix

Hi all,

I stumbled accross this forum last week when I was worried I would never give up! I started on Champix 13 days ago and today is my first day with no cigarettes. My experience with Champix was OK, a bit nauseous, migraines but cigarettes did taste horrible but kept going back for more, as I did when I had a cold!

Today is OK, I usually have a cirgarette first thing in the morning before leaving for work and have had nothing and feeling OK. I think I am more worried about the routine, and thinking about it, like 'now I would be going out to have a cigarette'. Would like to know how other people felt the first day... Thanks!!!

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  • Hello Marta I would like to welcome you to this forum and wish you well with your quit, But I cant actually remember my first day, sorry.


  • hi marta,

    Well done on starting your quit, im now on day 21 and when i started i was nervous, i thought this strange so i posted on here and all the good people put my mind at rest, this really is a great place to visit daily. I struggled without the routine of smoking at first but it passes.

    I have a thing about positive thinking, I truly believe it can get you through quitting and most other things in life. Others will tell you to educate yourself etc, all i will say is listen to the people on here they've been through what we have just started.

    good luck


  • Hi Marta

    good luck with your quit. There have been many successful Champix users on the forum.

    Why not type Champix into the serach function and have a read at the many posts/threads which that will bring up.

    Keep posting on here for support and advice etc.

  • Hello Marta

    First a big welcome to the forum you will always find plenty of help and support on here it is a great place well done for deciding to quit it is one of the best decisions you will ever make

    I imagine most of us felt like you do if not scared then at least apprehensive

    there is no need to be scared

    I also gave up with champix and like you had no real problems with it

    The first few days are the worst but once nicotine out of body {3 days} it gets better you will have good and bad days we all do so just hang in there

    Good Luck


  • Welcome and good luck with your quit.

    BillyC - you a Springsteen fan by any chance??

  • Hi Marta

    I am using Champix too, but am only on day 3 of taking it, so I am staying in the Day 1 folder till my final quit day at the weekend! I am trying to drop some of the "now I would be going out to have a cigarette" moments as this week goes on to try to get out of those habits. Smokes in the car went today and I've put a pile of fruity sweets in instead! Tomorrow I plan to put off the first one as long as I can.

    I hope your day one has gone well :-)

  • Hope you had a good day 1 Marta.

  • BillyC - you a Springsteen fan by any chance??

    I was, not so keen on the last few years tho.

  • Marta

    I hope you feel less anxious this morning

    all the best


  • Thank you, already in day 2!!


    Sorry, I haven't replied earlier but my son has been sick! Thank you so much for all your replies, very encouraging and useful.

    Still going on day 2, I am amazed! The most difficult for me has been being at home today all day as my son is not well, I was very nervous about it. It has been very bad around 2-3 pm (same thing yesterday) but now I am trying to keep busy to stop thinking about it!

    Sorry, no fan of Springsteen x


  • Hi Marta,

    Glad you are still with us, I hope you are feeling better, Stick with it.


    P.S. I hope your son gets better soon.

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