Plodding on (Day 16)

Pleased to say I've made it this far. I think things are starting to seem more 'normal' now, well for most of the time at least. I can now actually enjoy a meal, coffee etc without having to finish it off by going outside for a cigarette, I've stopped thinking about smoking at these trigger point times.

I'm now finding that I can get through most of the day without even thinking about smoking and it's such a good feeling.

It's still not plain sailing yet though because when a craving does sneak up on me (I hate that word but can't think of a better one) it seems so much more intense than the ones I experienced in the first few days. I'm still very much on my guard and I suppose I will be for quite a while - no giving in to a moment of weakness when I know I don't need to.

Every day's another milestone so I'll keep going.:)

3 Replies

  • Good luck..... The cravings are less often but sometimes are really hard ones. It's a sign the nicodemon is giving his/her last fights!

    Keep walking keep going keep free!

  • You're heading to day 20, it takes 20 days to break a habit!!! Well done, I'm so happy to see you are well.

  • Linda ....I am happy for you and you are doing extremely well...The 3's..... Three days,,,Three Weeks (21 days) Three months...... Milestones

    You are on your way to the 2nd 3 and then it is time to really start and enjoy the smoke free life !

    Hang in there !!

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