No Smoking Day
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Plodding on (Day 16)

Pleased to say I've made it this far. I think things are starting to seem more 'normal' now, well for most of the time at least. I can now actually enjoy a meal, coffee etc without having to finish it off by going outside for a cigarette, I've stopped thinking about smoking at these trigger point times.

I'm now finding that I can get through most of the day without even thinking about smoking and it's such a good feeling.

It's still not plain sailing yet though because when a craving does sneak up on me (I hate that word but can't think of a better one) it seems so much more intense than the ones I experienced in the first few days. I'm still very much on my guard and I suppose I will be for quite a while - no giving in to a moment of weakness when I know I don't need to.

Every day's another milestone so I'll keep going.:)

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Good luck..... The cravings are less often but sometimes are really hard ones. It's a sign the nicodemon is giving his/her last fights!

Keep walking keep going keep free!


You're heading to day 20, it takes 20 days to break a habit!!! Well done, I'm so happy to see you are well.


Linda ....I am happy for you and you are doing extremely well...The 3's..... Three days,,,Three Weeks (21 days) Three months...... Milestones

You are on your way to the 2nd 3 and then it is time to really start and enjoy the smoke free life !

Hang in there !!


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