Heading to day 16

Well good news is I'm heading into day 16 bad news is I'm Finding it hard again, hence I've been in hiding. I keep reaching for my vapour and it's annoying me, I feel like I've swapped one habit for another in the start it was good it helped and I only used if when I was really wanting one maybe twice a day but last few days I've turned to it more and not my lozenge etc need to get this sorted I feel like I need to stop any inhaling but tried today and it was making me think of smoking more in a way . I think the issue we one of my friends started on the vapour route but not as a stop smoking more a swap and got me thinks what a good idea but in all honesty it's not where I want to be either but now feel like I'm stopping all over again in a different way... Oh well onwards and upwards as they say just wanted to check in to all my forums xxx

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  • Haha just realised this should be in week 3 :-/

  • Hi Shelly, doing amazingly brilliant, people who really really want to quit will, and I know your determined, the vapour is just an aid in your quit, I've said before but will say again, it's not a race it's a long term goal, I myself used the patch method, it took a while, but I did it. So don't be hard ion yourself my lovely.

    We all quit in different routes, but end up at the same depot.

    Just keep going, you can wean your self of the vapour, when your more comfortable in your quit.

  • Don't worry too much about vaping, get yourself into a more comfortable place in your quit then start cutting back on vaping.

  • Hey Shelly, glad you're still with us :)

    Don't worry about the vaping, I reckon. It's better to just use it as long and as much as you need it, while you're missing the actual smoking...and then deal with the vaping later...oh, yes, just like spanisheyes said! And GET YOU, week three! Reward yourself with some pats on the back :D

  • Hi Shelly - I was actually think about you this morning, wondering how you were getting along:) Glad to hear your still going onwards and upwards:) Can't add much to whats already been said, but I think your doing great. Quitting is hard, no doubt about it. So whatever it takes to help you through some bad times, so be it. Vaping is better than smoking tobacco. You'll figure it all out in time - just go slow and steady and stay on course and you will get there!!

  • Hi Shelly

    You are doing so well,doesnt matter how you achieve your goal as long as you get there, like everyone has said vaping can be tackled once you have the quit in a better place :0)

  • I was thinking about you today, as well!

    I completely agree with Karri, give yourself a break, be really proud of yourself, you are doing SO well :)

  • FANTASTIC Shelly, you are doing so well!!! As others have said, don't worry about the e-cig - you are not smoking and this is FAB!!!!! I used an e-cig for the first few weeks and still have it charged just in case (because I am on champix I used nicotine free vapour). My hubbie has nicotine vapour but has not taken the plunge yet.

    I agree with above, be kind to yourself, if vapour works? You are doing amazingly well :) :) :)

  • Thank you everyone your all brilliant and yes I agree I should be more elated at not smoking but I think it's in my head to be nicotine free and I'm taking the long road to that goal and get frustrated at tImes but I know it's the right road I couldn't just jump off nicotine I'd have failed again and again so it's a long way round but I know I will achieve it just having very much a are we there yet time hahah xxx

  • Great going Shelly. Almost at 3 weeks. Just keep remembering smoking is actually rubbish. I know it's challenging at times, boy do I know. But bottom line it is. And vape. Until you get more secure in finding new habits and embed new thinking.

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