Back again

Hi all i was here last year thought id cracked it my last post on here said i noticed some swelling on my ankles and hands i put it sown to not smoking or the chanpix however it turned out to be chronic rhumetiod arthritis now have it in 70% of my joints and have to self injec horrible drugs into my now that the shock of that is over its time to beat the cigs for good

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  • Welcome friend there's 4 of us just starting the quit today, you are welcome to join us

  • Hey guys am with you gonna do it once and for all. Thought i cracked it last year but like an idiot i buggered it up so here goes again

  • Pedz... Welcome and so sorry to hear about your arthritis ...Just one more reason to quit smoking...

    I wish you all the best and give it one hell of a go ..... Strongs !

  • Hi pedz.I remember you from january. How long did you last?

  • Hi guys thanks felt like world had ended when I was diagnosed with this kept up the no smoking for about a 2 weeks after stopping the champix then had that one ciggie and the rest is history desperate to quit again loved the feel good aspect and health improvements well apart from the auto immune disease (RA) lol can laugh about it now

  • Well my friend you are telling my story :) are you on the champix this time?

  • Hey yeah same old story man, yes im bk on the champix dont like taking them soon as im comfortable off the smokes going to cut to half tablet in morning and half at night the down to half at night they make me feel crap tba but hey they work

  • Pedz... I want to agree with Mmaya... Do not split a pill but rather take only one per day... With breakfast worked well for me but that evening one was the bad one and kept me awake until I did not take that one about 1 and half months in my quit (6-7 weeks)

    Champix worked well for me and I passed the triple day figures.... Stay strong !

  • Ok don't, bad idea! I'm doing 1mg and I take it in the morning... To keep the day going and still be able to sleep, if you split half morn and half evening, you will never be able to have decent rest during the night. Talk to your Gp abt it, I'm not going onto double doses, I'm staying with 1mg but I'll be doing it for 6 months, that's the plan anyway

  • Ok will see how it goes feels good to be off tbe smokes though actually love it....

    Just found out the injections i get at the hospital are girls hormones.... Fab lol that would explain the mood swings :-)

    Oh im a guy by the way ( honouree girl ) ha ha

  • Is that for the arthritis?! Your post made me laugh...I needed that today :) try b12 injection, not so girly and might do the trick Lol

  • By the way I also have arthritis although I always thought it was an old age thing, I was diagnosed about 5 years ago, at 34! I've been managing very well with the B12 and a few anti-inflamatories, it is a Royal pain, so my sympathies.

  • Morning peeps

    Different types of arthritis yes general ware and tare is age related i have RA a diseases of my immune system and its crap i have to take methotrexate by injection:-( and the occasional steroid injection but over the shock now and just getting on with it.

    I have a fab girlfriend who is very supportive and bags of fun to be with.... Hows things with you guys?

  • All good with me just feeling very tired, but I'm not missing the cigarettes, there's the odd cravings but I can manage it easy enough.

  • Yeah the cravings are a bugger just dont give in to them they seem very short though by the time I realise im craving its has passed strange goings on :-) but all in a good cause take it one day at a time

  • Hey

    How is everyone today? Still with it at this end got a strange taste in my gob but other that that all ok :-)

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