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Back Again

Hi all,

Hello to the ones who know me and hello to the ones that don't.

I am trying again after receiving my Tabex tablets. I heard they are like Champix but without the awful side effects so I bought some from Ebay direct from Bulgaria.

The arrived last Monday and I began taking them, for the 1st 3 days you take 6 a day then for 9 days you take 5 a day and you are supposed to lose the urge to smoke by day 5.

I am on day 8 and yesterday only had 3 cigarettes all day 7:45am - 10:35am & 8pm.

The last cigarette I had tasted awful, I didn't enjoy it one bit and was a bit unhappy with myself for having it, I guess I had to give it one last go but now I know just how awful they are I am ready.

My mind is positive, I feel different to all the other times quitting.

I will probably be on here a lot talking nonsense however if thats how I need to deal with it then so be it.

My partner is gonig away on business for 10 days on Thursday so that is going to be hard, the 1st time we've been apart for more than a night :(

I'm sure with help and support i'll get there!!!

Woo x

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hey Shashwoo

welcome back and well done for climbing back on the wagon

have you done alot of research on the tablets you have bought as they are not prescribed etc

hope all goes well and a positive mindset is key

well done



Welcome Back Ms Woo,

I'm sure this will be your sticky quit. Wishing you all the best with it. Stay positive and take it one day at a time, that's more important than anything else.

H x


Hiya Shashwoo,

I don't know you from before...but what I do know it's easy to start smoking, what's hard is dusting yourself down and quitting again. Well done you. I'm sure everyone has had a failed quit, or two, or three, or four. With a good mindest we'll kick this habit to the kerb. Good luck and much determination.

Lisa X


Hi Boo,

yes, I've read into these tablets before I ordered them you can read about it here:

It hasn't been passed for sale in the UK yet however there has been a positive study done by University College London, the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies and the Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology, Poland.

Hi Helen,

Yes, this feels good, this time it feels different, like positive!!! I'm sure after almost 1 year of trying this time is it :)

Woo x


Thanks Lisa,

As Helen will know I was originally part of the quitters last January but sadly had a few slips off the wagon.

Good Luck to you Lisa, and all who have or are kicking the habit.

I am going to read a lot of help posts today to understand it better.

Woo x


Hi Shaswoo,

Hope all goes well for you on Day 1.

I would be very careful with any medication you buy on the internet though, I just googled Tabex and they have certainly not been approved for use in the UK and would not be available on prescription. Here are a couple of quotes from an article I found on NHS Choices:-

However, given that the trial was relatively small and short it is likely that more research will be needed to confirm its effectiveness and safety before regulators can approve its use

However, the researchers of this study said that the drug has not previously been tested in a way that would meet modern regulatory standards, which all drugs must satisfy before they can be marketed in the UK.

So again, I would be very careful before using this medication without taking genuine, professional advice, eg from your GP.

Have you a smoking cessation clinic you can attend?

All the best,



hiya shashwoo,

Apparently the active drug derived from the laburnum tree has been taken in one form or other for over 40 years (it's origins derived from WW2 when soldiers chewed laburnum leaves when they ran out of ciggies)....anyway I probably wouldn't be so concerned about the actual drug as such...but more about the internet scammers, make sure you get what you pay for!!! Good luck with the quit. X


Hi Zoe,

Thanks for the post, I understand it hasn't been aproved for UK sale however I spent a lot of time researching this before I bought it and the positives outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

No drug is without negatives and side effects no matter if bought over the counter or on the internet.

I did use Champix however the sickness side effect was too much for me, I was getting to the point of staring into my bin at work every morning no matter what I ate with the tablet. Champix did work for me and I di quit for a period however when the side effects were too much and I stopped taking them the effect of the drug stopped me craving cigarettes and I started again.

Woo x


Yes, I read about that as it is a more a herbal drug as it is made from the laburnum tree.

I also read that the laburnum plant was poisonus however read that it was in larger doses than any given in Tabex.

You must all understand I am in no way trying to promote Tabex, I am just noting that I have taken the plunge and gonig for it so this will be my experiment and journey :)

Good Luck to all!!! :)

Woo x


Sorry shashwoo...I wasn't trying to put you off...use Tabex (I think after 40 years of use in europe, the drug is OK)...I just wanted to say be safe when ordering over the internet and use a reputable company, some companies just put cheap unknown alternatives like talc into the tablets. I'm sure you'll be OK though as Tabex itself is quite cheap at 12p per tablet and that you've researched into this loads. Good luck with your quit, you know what's best for you.

Luv Lisa x


no i am not trying to put u off either i am just worried about u and i am sure the drug is fine reading more about it and i know the uk is always last to fund such research etc but be carefull where u buy it


Oh I know you aren't :)

I'm just trying to explain that I have done as much research into it as I feel I need to and I am happy to try it.

To be fair, should it work like a dream with out the awful side effects of Champix i'll be writing to the goverment myself hahaha

I'm now 15 hours without and feeling great. I've just come back from my break at work and as everyone was reaching for the smokes I reached for my crisps and had a munch on them

Woo x


Hi Woo

Good luck with the Tabex and keep us posted! I think you are the first person I know who is trying them so it will be really interesting to hear how you are getting on. I have thought that if I were to fail on this quit (I'm not planning on that though :eek:) I would probably try the Tabex next !



I did use Champix however the sickness side effect was too much for me, I was getting to the point of staring into my bin at work every morning no matter what I ate with the tablet.

I can relate to that Shaz, been there many a morning after too many JD's the night before :rolleyes:;)

Good luck on your quit hun, don't worry about the boils on the face, your teeth falling out and the hairy breasts....... as every tablet has it's own side effects :D


Good luck on your quit hun, don't worry about the boils on the face, your teeth falling out and the hairy breasts....... as every tablet has it's own side effects :D

Hello Pete hunni, I thought you had gotten the above problems sorted? if not go back to the Dr's and ask for the cream :) ;)


hello woo!! i remember you!! WELCOME BACK!:):D

SO GLAD YOU ARE GIVING IT ANOTHER GO! you can do it! i will hit a year in two months so it can be done!! all the best hun! keep us posted!


Hiya shashwoo....I thought I'd seen someone else on here using Tabex......member missusj is. You may have similar experiences...

Lisa X


Hi Shashwoo,

I came on here just recently - so hello, and welcome back. I really don't think I could give up again if I started smoking again - so good on you.

Will be interesting to see how Tabex works out - there's all sorts of reasons why the UK won't license drugs (alot to do with what company is making them and what deal is being done with that company) and sounds like you've done loads of research - makes sense to me if Champix wasnt' working for you.

Good luck and hope to see you on here getting through week 1,2, 3 and beyond!




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