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Back again

Well its back to day one for me tomorrow, i have been smoking for about a week at first just having the odd ones here and there at work but now got to a point where its more than the odd cigarette now as my nicotine monster keeps demanding more and more nicotine and i just keep having to fill that empty feeling more and more.

I think its hard to come back from a blip because it just playing in my mind untill i gave in. So a fresh start is what i need :D

I been thinking about quitting today alot then also my mind keeps trying to put it off and saying i should quit on a day that means something to me.(Probly the nicotine monster talking to me again).

Been smoking alot today but then when i think about them i did not really enjoy them and they just left me feeling yuk and light headed.

Then chrissieV text me asking how i was then i realised i need to get back on the horse sooner rarther than later. So Here is me making the pledge to stay smoke free.

lee x x

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Yeah sooner rather than later. The nico monster bribes you into thinking there is going to be a good day to quit, a special day, an easy day..., a day where the sun is shining and an angel is going to swoop down and erase your memory from having ever smoked and so on.

Everyday is a good day to quit. Why ? because you deserve a good life not a scary poorly one. So you go for it and show nicotine who the boss is. ;)


Ahhh Lee, Sorry to here you slipped mate. :(

Glad you have decided to come back though and glad you are goign to try again ... make this one for keeps xxx


Thanks fallen angel every word you said is so true

Looking forward to tomorrow its going to be a good day x


Can I just also say Lee that the nice thing is that people can always feel they can come back to this site and be truthful, admit defeat and just climb back on because no one judges and everyone knows that they are just one "too hard to handle" trigger away from the same situation so everyone is sympathetic ... we all know how hard it is to stay quit. This site gives the support to just keep trying and trying and I think from the responses I see people write that no one is ever made to feel ashamed .. just encouraged to try again. That's a great comfort I am sure .. however long it takes everyone is rooting for you and anyone (could be anyone of us) could be in the same boat.

All the best.

xx :D


Just popped by to say hello and good luck. :)


Thanks jodiB yeah it is nice to be truthful and not feel ashamed. ive failed alot in the past, but everytime i seem to go longer and longer each time.I think i got so far this time but i just took my quit for granted and forgot to spend time on my quit to enjoy my quit.

Little sad to go back to day 1 but its a way i can restart and start a fresh slate. I can do this just got to beat that stage where everything becomes normal and still focus on my quit when i get there.

thanks for the good luck m33ett :D

lee x


Hi Lee my ole quit buddie

Feeling kind of with you ...i fell lots of times as you know & its just a bad place ..the feelings of dissapointment become stronger each time ...until you feel damn rite depressed with it all wondering wen your quit will ever happen...well you know what one day it will be will get strength from each fail & before you know it youll be on a happy quit ...

Its easy to be positive when still smoking ...I could have talked about it all day at that point ...but we both know how hard it is to stay in a quit for keeps ....thinking of you..,this is the one ...I hope :)


Hi Lee,

Just a quick line to say, I hope you find the strength within yourself to knock the nicodemon back to hell where he belongs.

Big hug n' kisses

Sarah x


Day 2

thanks chrissie, kitkat and sarahquitter:D

I really thought i had it sorted when i was 4 months quit.

But thats all in the past now and this time i, even more determind to not let my gaurd slip this time.

Today has been a great day at work, lovely hot weather and a great day to be washing cars:D

Then after went and sat outside a pub and had a couple of pints with my inhaler at my side. Which was quite nice had the odd craves today but nothing to major:D

Hope everyone has had a great day today:D

lee x


day 2 so pleased for you......going the pub not smoking ..not smoking at work wen i assume you could light up wenever you want. ..all these things you getting through .......& Im so proud of yer .well done babe :)


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