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No Smoking Day
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Back again !!!

Hi everyone, yes it's me back again. Was first on here last March and managed 24 days (the longest I had ever gone without a fag) and stupidly started again. Over this last year have tried a couple of times and lasted about a day.....sounds so pathetic!!! and I even spent a small fortune on hypnosis, that did not work at all.

Anyway I am back and am on Day 4 - feel absolutely fine at the moment, but am so aware that the demons may strike at any time. I MUST succeed this time, I have been diagnosed with COPD - makes me so mad with myself, that I have inflicted this disease on myself, when so many others suffer horrid illness through no fault of there own.

Positive thoughts are my mantra now.......already I feel an easing in my breathing and am walking daily on the treadmill to try and increase my lung capacity.

Anyway glad to be back.........and will watch and learn and participate when I can.......can anyone tell me if Moog is still on here.....she and I started together last year on 7th March, so if she is she is near to her 1st anniversary.........love to all


Smoked 50 a day for 36 years (cringe)

Quit: 13.2.2010


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Well done Deb,

Its tough to come back and admit failure, I too have come back:o I lasted 11 months then for some stupid reason i started again!!

Lets make this quit our last eh:cool:


Welcome back and the very best of luck with your new quit. I notice you are using patches and wish you well with them too. I quit successfully using patches so i wish you the same.

RE: MOOG....

Moog posted 10 months on the 7th of January.


I can't find an 11 month post on the 7th of February or later though and Moog specifies in the above post about enjoying making the monthly posts too.

Try sending a PM to see if you get a response, perhaps moog has been busy and forgot to post.

Anyone seen moog? moog stop playing with willo the wisp and come post on here :)


Thanks Mark and Jase........gonna keep going, and this will be my final quit.

Good idea Jase, will PM Moog later....good to know she was still nicotine free in January...well done to her.

Thanks again for the replies, best get back to working (just sneaked on here during lunch break)

Take care all

Deb x


Re your quit this time btw..

break your quit down into nice mini-milestones and don't be unreasonable to yourself either. Celebrate every day you go as a victory, and without a doubt post as often as you can get away with on here. It may prove to be quite therapeutic to you too :) I posted alot in my first 3 months of quitting and have toned it down a bit now i'm becoming quite the lifer :)

If you have any concerns or questions about patches, just give us a yell on here, main thing is.. keep this quit for keeps now, and don't worry on it. Before long you'll be feeling the benefits of quitting and i'm certain this can only help with the COPD. If you have any health concerns that worry you though, always seek advice from your doctor.

Was just looking at the montly posts from Moogs and she did miss posting one of the monthly posts last year, so missing one this month may well be quite normal. Fingers x'd she's just forgot.


i agree with Jase that mini milestones are the best way to go! To set yourself small regular targets to ensure you're proud of yourself.

Im looking forward to the 2week mark most of all as i feel this is a big acheivement and something to be proud of, although obviously the weeks and months that follow are even more encouraging and a job well done!

But 2weeks in the world of giving up smoking is a very long time lol so i started off focusing on 24 hrs, 48, 72, now im looking forward to being a non smoker for a whole week. The longest i will have gone without a single puff since i started smoking when i was 16!

Mini milestones are what keep me going! :D also the fact that you've come so far and worked so hard to get through the first few days, getting the nicotine free state you're in now and just one puff or one smoke means starting all over again and all that hard work, and determination will be wasted.

Thats the thoughts i hold on to when im most tempted and fingers crossed its working a treat!

Well done and good luck! keep being strong!!

-Jade xxx


Never quit, quitting.

You're doing good. Not smoking will certainly help with your breathing problems. I've been quit for 8 days and I see a difference already.


Hi Debs :)

Welcome back and well done restarting your quit and already on day 4 I'm sure you remember the drill

Read , read and read some more get to know your enemy netter than you know yourself


Marg xx


Well done Deb for stopping smoking.

This is really important for you as you have COPD. I too have it and did not have very long between the diagnosis and being quite unable. I have finally stopped blaming me, I did not do this to myself on purpose and neither did you. Blaming yourself will not help to get rid of the fags it will make it harder because you get to feel guilty too. Learn as much as you can about the nicotine addiction it will help you to stay stopped. Only take a day at a time or an hour if that helps.



Thanks everyone for all your replies......taking each day at a time...now on day 5 and all good so far.

Good to hear from you Margaret, hope you are keeping well

best wishes to all, and good luck for the coming day

deb x


congratualtions on day 6! :D:D:D


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