Back again

Hi all im back again for another go at quitting been on here before think i quit for 3 months last time and had a relapse then quit for about another week.I have taken a rest from quitting but i am back now for another serious attempt of quitting,i come back on here as always found people realy friendly and always willing to offer great support.I have decided to use patches as have loads left over from previous quits.I quit today at 17.00 so only been 6 hrs so far but hopefully this will be the time i quit for good.

best wishes


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  • welcome Dave, good luck with your quit, come on often and post here.:)


    most of us tried many many times to quit, as long as you never quit quitting you're doing good...:D

    good luck with your quit, really hope this is the one for you...:p


  • hello again dave

    how are you feeling this morning?? its a beautiful 1st day to be smoke free - enjoy :)


  • Hi Dave

    Welcome back again, the best thing is that you willing to quit again.

    Many of us on here are on a few quits, I myself are on my 4-5th attempt but hopefully this is the last one, somehow it does feel different.

    I have just come off NRT so am struggling a little but am reading A Carr and other websites on the net. is a good one.

    Anyway wont ramble on, keep up the good work.:)

  • hey, welcome back! quit bud :D

    im soooooo pleased your back!

    good luck , this time is the one :p:)

  • Welcome home Dave

    This is the one im sure just take each day has it comes. Keep posting and get all the support you can. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Welcome back Dave - we have missed you. Good luck with your new quit, you can do it this time I know. I have every faith in you.:D

  • Welcome back Dave

    Great to hear you're giving it another go




    I have been quit for 4 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 16 hours, 55 minutes and 58 seconds (137 days). I have saved £1,520.10 by not smoking 6,885 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 21 hours and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17

  • You'll always be a part of Team 10 Dave - whether you like it or not!!!

    Glad to see you back on board!;)

  • Hi all and thanks for all you messages of support,it's great to see everyone doing so well with there quits,also great to see so many members of team 10 still going strong.I have almost made it through the first 24 hrs has been ok so far .

    Onwards and Upwards


    I have been quit for 23 hours, 50 minutes and 3 seconds (0 days). I have saved £8.18 by not smoking 29 cigarettes.00

  • You'll do great Dave!

    You done it before - so do it again (without the slip up at the end this time though!!!):p:p

  • great news Dave

    if you need someone to shout at , look for Jan! :D

    only kidding, i meant me :)

  • great news Dave

    if you need someone to shout at , look for Jan! :D

    only kidding, i meant me :)

    He can shout at me too if he wants but he better be prepared to be shouted back at as well.:D:)

  • Welcome back Dave! You WILL do it this time for sure! :D

  • Yes welcome back Dave, great decision to give another quit a go!

    Into the 2nd day now, hope its going well.

  • great news Dave

    if you need someone to shout at , look for Jan! :D

    only kidding, i meant me :)

    Can I yell at you too? :p

    Congrats and Welcome back Dave (and what John said ;))

  • quit

    It's good to try again Dave

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