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No Smoking Day
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Back again

Well I'm here again 😥 hello everyone

I'm now on day 7 of taking champix so entering the week tomorrow that a day will happen to stop, I've been fighting on and off since I originally posted in March/April but this is it the last stand. I made the mistake of going onto vaping instead of smoking and while it worked I didn't like being stuck on it either and worried about the effects plus I still craved a real cig so I made the decision in December to throw all vamping away and go back to real cigs with a mission to stop them this month rather than confusing myself with umpteen quit aides as I had patches, lozenge and vapour going :-/ think I was overdosing nicotine ......anyhow have decided to go down the champix route, as I feel I have lost faith in NRT so far I've been okay apart from being very very tired all the time on it especially the last day or so, I'm actually dreading doubling the dose next week. I want to kick nicotine full stop so this is it, I felt mentally prepared I would maybe have nausea, headaches even the depression part but this tiredness I didn't expect feel like when you first wake and are still half asleep but all the time.

Anyway just wanted to pop in and say hi and couldn't post in day one as officially I haven't started that road yet still travelling towards it X

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Hi, welcome back. How are you finding the champix?


Welcome back Shelly and wishing you every success on this quit, hopefully taking the champix will settle down for you. Unfortunately I have no experience with it so can't offer you any advice. Stay close to the forum and post to vent as often as you need to...


Hey Shelly! Welcome back ;)

I'm a bit on the same boat as you, I've stopped smoking on the 1st February 2015 CT and relapsed on the 17th March, a lot of will power but not enough I suppose, I spent the next few months on & off. No one can tell me that I didn't try hard because I did, I tried very hard.

The reality is that this is a disgusting addiction and it is very hard to get rid of.

In September 2015 (first days) I came back to the forum after some serious health issues. I remember GrahamA welcoming me just like you now.

I remember posting abt frustration, I could not get myself into the right frame of mind to quit.

With the help of many in here - I am eternaly gratefull - I asked my GP for another prescription and after 4 days on the champix i stopped smoking - last smoked 14/09/2015 @ 19:00hrs.

I kept the champix for 15 weeks, I am off the champix since Christmas.

I no longer smoke. I have no intention to smoke ever again.

I hope you will be able to write this post by April 2016 :) Stay strong and BELIEVE ,if I can do it, You can TOO!!! xxx


Hi Shelly!

Glad to see you're on the case - wishing you strength and all that!



Thank you everyone I think I need to stay here to stay strong in my resolve, I underestimated the power of the weed I suppose and need the support.. As for the champix I'm on day 7 and apart from feeling sleepy no other side effects yet, hasn't put me off smoking in any sense apart from my own want to stop if that makes sense but I can smell and taste them more so not enjoying (can't think of a better word) them as much as I thought I was if that makes sense. Thank you for the welcome and I hope to see you all in Day one very shortly, I'm not rushing this time, I'm going to take it slow and not panic or impulse anything and hopefully I will be the snail that wins the race :-) xx


Good for you Shelly, do whatever is best for your quit!


By the way Shelly, abt the champix, I wasn't able to tolerate the full dose, I never took the night pill.

I found it was easier to manage on half dose, the side effects are not half as bad. I am not a doctor but it might be something for you to discuss with your GP.

For the actually taking of the pill, I noticed if I ate something sugery with it I would get really sick, the only thing I could tke in fact was really toast with butter.

The dreams are pretty annoying until you get used to it, I end up having loads of fun remembering them, some were very wild!

I did .5 mg for the first 4 days and then onto 1 mg in the morning for 13 weeks, reduced back to .5 mg for another week and voila!


Thank you I've heard that.... I'm due to start the 2mg today so will take and see and if too bad move to just the morning one not due to see anyone till the 15th :-( but last night had a terrible headache and couldn't get to sleep for wanting to throw up, but could just have been coincidence so will give today a go and see how I fare xx


Most likely coincidence, the nausea kicks in immediately after taking the pill and never stays for longer than 15 mins.

Now, a migraine with an aura gives you those symptoms, keep an eye on it and play it by the ear.

One thing though is, drink buckets & buckets of water everyday.

It gets rid of migraines, sickness and cravings believe me ir not.


Always take Champix with food, to alleviate potential nausea.


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