No Smoking Day
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Day 5...calm

Day 5. A little twitchy, but no crying (haha) and brain seems a lot less foggy

Went on a short train journey yesterday to meet friend in the pub. I saw a young guy with his cigarette already rolled behind his ear...waiting for his stop.

That's still a very vivid feeling. When you're deprived of nicotine and just about to satisfy it. How lovely. BUT...I keep reminding myself, it will take 5 minutes max to smoke that fag. That's all. No time at all. Then that young guy will go off to do what he has to do and not smoke...until the next time.

This somehow is important to me.

I'm just the same as the smoker....without the smoke! I don't why this makes me feel better.

I suppose I'm saying I'm still ME!

My sister has been round today, puffing on her electronic problem. Out tonight to visit a friend who smokes. Another challenge, but I can do it!

I find myself telling anyone I meet that I've stopped smoking, like a elderly lady saying "I'm eighty, you know"....:D

Hope your day is going well too.

xx more thing, I've started taking L-Theanine, supposed to be good for raising dopamine levels.

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Yay! Its getting better elizabeth :) You are nearly through hell week :)

How is the L-Theanine going?


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