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Day 5


Five days done - phew!!

Given myself a good talking to and now I'm determined it's time to get this quit into perspective and stop making it harder than it needs to be.

Nothing at all has changed in my life apart from the fact that I'm no longer doing the one thing that I've been deperate to stop for years - surely that's something to celebrate and not feel sad about. Haven't I been envying all of my non smoking friends for years and years so it's high time I stopped I allowing myself to drift in and out of this self pity. I should be feeling elated that I've seen the light!!

So far I've saved myself about £22 that otherwise would have just gone up in smoke, my early morning cough has gone and I've definitely got loads more energy.

I'm not going to smoke again and I'm going to start treating these bl**dy annoying cravings with the contempt they deserve from now on. I will not allow myelf to embrace them anymore, I'm armed, ready and waiting for them.:D

I am pleased I've got 5 days under my belt and I so want to see them mount up as quickly as possible.

Not wishing my life away but I would love to be a few months further down the line and I envy all those on here who have had the strength and determination to achieve this.

I will get there so Good Riddance to Smoking!

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Thanks Tractor Girl and Max - I've run out of excuses to smoke. I've been one of those smokers who's always wanted to give up but who just took the easy option and carried on for whatever pathetic reason they could think of.

Even in stressful situations what does smoking a cigarette for a few minutes achieve - nothing at all.

I have to believe in myself because I do think smoking is a disgusting and evil habit. I just don't know why I've subscribed to it for so long because I would have thought I had more sense.

I'm paying for it now because it's not an easy habit to break.

Trying to remember that this is, dare I say it, only SMOKING that I'm talking about. In all other LIFE situations I've never been a shirker so I'll deal with the mind games if it kills me.

I'm not smoking again.

I'm really glad you're sounding so positive :) Keep it up!! xx

Tell you what, Linda, with that attitude you're definitely heading for the Penthouse. :)

You're a very positive and determined lady, and the weeks will fly by, just see if they don't. :D

I know what you mean Linda,I run out of excuses to stay smoking too:(

Your attitude is great way to go girl:D

Thanks Skiddaw but I feel like a bit of a fraud really.

Yes I am committed to this quit, it's going to be THE one.

My biggest problem is that I still feel I'm making a bit of a martyr of myself and I need to shake this feeling off if I'm to have any chance of success.

It's good for me to be able to come on here and let off steam because I know my non smoking friends and family have no patience or sympathy for me any more where my smoking is concerned. Yes, I know I don't deserve any and that's not what I need in any case.

I don't want to be one of life's social lepers anymore because I know that's how smokers are perceived these days.

Smile back in place :) and pretending that I'm enjoying these early quit days - can't let anyone around me think I'm not coping...groan

How do you get rid of these irrational feelings that the world has become a worse place to be just because you can't have your daily fix of nicotine? If I could achieve that I'd have no problem at all.

Still glad I'm getting through them and hoping for easier days to come.

Hi Linda this is a great post to see, so much positivity :D the first week well in fact 2 weeks I would say you should be extra kind to yourself, by that I mean eat what you like when u like have naps if you can long baths basically just relaxing and doing what you enjoy... After the first 2 weeks you should feel a lot better than you do now, I'm not saying you will be over it and happy as Larry you might not but I can categorically say if you reflect on day 14 back to day 5 for example you won't feel as bad as you did then, ride the storm, post and rant here, eat chocolate if that's your thing :) and get plenty of rest, your doing great! Xxxx

Early days, Linda, early days...:)

Everyone is different of course, but personally I found those feelings gradually wore off over the course of the first month. I honestly never think like that now, and (touch wood) don't have what I would call proper craves any longer either.

And don't you dare call yourself a fraud! You flaming well are not, so there. You should be 100% proud of what you are achieving. :)

You just come on here and do whatever feels right. Give off, moan, scream, whatever it takes. We'll all be there for you in spades. :D

Hi Linda,

The more positive you are the easier it will be for sure, go girl:D

Thanks everyone - for listening and for your support.

What a strange day this has been. It came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb!

I was having a bit of a struggle with the cravings this morning to say the least and feeling pretty sorry for myself into the bargain as my earlier posts probably show.:o

Since then I am amazed to say that I've sailed through the rest of the day without thinking once about smoking. In fact I've even managed to enjoy a glass of wine without pining for an accompanying smoke.

I feel so calm and the frustration I've had since starting my quit seems to have left me - for now at least;). I promise you it's not the wine talking.

Not counting my chickens but could it be possible that I'm starting to turn the corner and not before time.

It is getting if not easier then at least more manageable I think.

Looking forward to tomorrow, bring it on.

This forum is a massive help, it really is so thank you all. :)

Fantastic stuff Linda. You the boss! I love your mental attitude. You will not feel sorry for yourself; you will not be a slave to this evil master, you will give him the finger and treat his fallacious whitterings and abuse with the contempt it deserves.

Freedom feels, smells and tastes sweet, don't it?

Hooray Linda's back,

You are so right. You do not want to be a smoker, so stop moping after something you don't want to do.

Honestly Linda life returns to normal. You stop thinking about it, you definitely stop missing it. Everything is exactly the same but you don't have to stand out in the rain like a leper. You have more money and you feel healthier. Apart from that you're still you.

Anyway back to the most important part

Hooray Linda's back

oh no you're right Karri: it's an old thread.

I know Linda bugged out and was reading but not posting, I got carried away and thought she'd come back.:mad:

That's the way to go my lovely, your up and running,:)

Well done , I feel the same can never catch these long term quitters up, but then again some people will admire you 5 days in brillant:)

@Karri...... aw cheers I was so chuffed she was back. I know she had demons about posting so i got so excited. Yeah hopefully she'll see it and know we're all thinking of her.

Hello Again and thank you all for your lovely replies.

This thread is an old one because I did mess up (yes again!!:mad:) on 11th I think.

Since then I have been lurking, reading and following you all but this is the first time I've looked in this weekend and seeing this has really bucked me up.

I've not had a cigarette for 4 days and so far so good. I am trying very hard to be sensible and adult about this quit and just hoping to get into the swing of it before I come back on here. Actions speak louder than words and I've certainly said plenty in the past but I'm ashamed that I always managed to end up letting myself down.

The silly thing is that I know I should be strong enough to do this. It's not that hard to deal with the cravings when you put your mind to it and yet I give in even when I know I don't need to.

Well this time I know what I have to do - just say 'No'.

I'm keeping a low profile because I don't want to show myself up yet again if I cave in.

I am trying to brainwash myself that failure isn't an option so I do hope to be back soon;).

I really want to quit so much and can't for the life of me understand why I find it so difficult.

Good luck to all the new quitters who seem to be doing so well and best wishes to all my friends on here for not giving up on me.

Linda x

ps I don't want to be a smoker and I think most smokers if they were honest would say the same. Trouble with me is that I still enjoy smoking even though it makes me feel guilty for so many reasons.

I'm not bleating on or making excuses for being so feeble or stupid.

I know exactly what a fool I must sound to everyone who manages to exercise a little bit of common sense and will power to their quit.

Let's hope that I can do the same, it's about time I did. x

Hello Tractorgirl and thanks.

I will keep coming on here because it's such a big help and everyone helps each other. I just hate letting myself and everyone down.

You are doing so well, it must be almost 2 months now for you so I hope you are finding it easy to forget you once were a smoker. It must be such a good feeling and I can't wait to experience it myself.

Best wishes xx

Funny thing is that normally I've got lots of willpower and determination. It's just smoking that I find challenging but don't ask me why.

Friends and family must be sick to death of me because they've done their best to get me to quit.

Seriously giving it my best shot this time but if I was someone else, reading what I am writing, I would probably be thinking to myself 'Here she goes again - yawm!':)

Just got to show myself l can do it but wish I had some of your willpower Tractorgirl. x

Oh hooray Linda is back.... lol

Stop being so hard on yourself, lurk in the background and don't worry about telling us the score if you feel it'll be better that way.:D

Hi Sue

I don't think I'll be able to lurk too much :) but I know I've got to wise up and just get on with it. I've spent far too much time messing about and I'm sure everyone else on here must be thinking the same.:o

Good to see you doing so well and I do appreciate your support. x

Thanks for your words of encouragement too Tractorgirl.

I'm really applying some good old common sense (well that's the plan) to quitting this time.

At the moment things are going well and I want it to stay that way.

Fingers crossed then! x

Thanks Linda,

I am doing well.:D To be honest it's quite easy to do well now. It's starting to fade into something I used to do. It's just getting through that initial panic and the idea that life will never be the same again.

I think the most important thing for me was to say NOPE. Whatever happens, whatever my brain says I will not smoke.

That way all the anxiety went away, all the shilly shallying of 'I want one' 'shall i have just one' or 'shall i just have a puff'

Early on I stamped on these thoughts with. 'NOPE grow up' 'NOPE you don't do that anymore' 'NOPE you idiot' 'NOPE you pathetic addict'

I found the harsher the better worked for me. Previously I entertained these thoughts and the shall i shan't I drove me mad and that's why i always smoked again in the past. NRT helped as well cos i knew it was just in my head as I was getting the nicotine.

I don't think you're messing about. I just think you need to find the one little thing that makes your quit the last quit!

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