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Back to day 1

So, I was doing well. I was on day 6 then had an unexpected drinking session which led to smoking. I also had a hangover and I am not built to deal with hangovers so I'm right back to day 1 again.

I woke up this morning, lifted a patch and my spray and am glad to say it was about 1.30pm before I put the patch on. I could say I wish I hadn't had a drink (or 8) at the weekend but there is no point in regretting. So, I'm back to the start again and raring to go. Day 1 is nearly over and it hasn't been too bad so far. No regrets, just onwards and upwards. And posting if I need to get advice or just vent.

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There was nothing else for it Karri. On the plus side, my lungs feel like they have gone through a cheese grater and the thought of a cigarette has turned my stomach today. I've had a couple of pangs but nothing major (not since I put the patch on anyway lol)



I have had so many quits fail on the back of a night of alcohol. Very hard to drink without smoking especially within six days of your quit. Dust yourself down and get back on your horse. This next quit may well be your final quit.



The next time I drink I should be 2 1/2 weeks into my quit, I will be in the company of non smokers and I will not be drinking until later in the night, after the shops have closed and I can't buy any. In it to win it now.


Just had a nice soak in the bath. Patch came off but I have my spray so just gonna use that. Still don't feel like having a cig and evenings would generally have been a hard time for me previously. Keeping at it this time. Goodnight all, I'll be posting on day 2 tomorrow.


Well done mark fir getting back in that bucking horse, this is going to be it.


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