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Is it back to day 1 or can I stay here

Well, I went to a party Saturday had a few drinks and the rest is history. What seemed like a good idea at the time has turned into much regret so here I am on my 2 calendar month quit date with a feeling of guilt. I really thought I was past this whole quit thing and I can't even blame anyone other than myself because I bought my own cigarettes on the way to the party. It is not bad enough that I smoked Saturday night I also woke up Sunday and had one and just had another one today. Should I just throw it in and try again some other time or try to salvage this quit? I'm hoping someone else here did the same thing I did and can offer some advise.

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Well Sparky, it is entirely up to you? If you do really want to quit, pick up from where you left off, or if you're not sure, then come back when you're feeling more positive about it.

Many, many people have different experiences, and no one is to judge whether you should be on day 1 or 60, you must decide for yourself. What you may need to question is why you purchased cigarettes on the way to the party, your mind was already made up to smoke before you got there, so perhaps some fairly firm reinforcing might be in order.

You know whether you can recover this or not, don't spend time moping about it though, it won't help, what's done is done, you have to move on now, and decide one way or the other.

I hope you stick with it, 2 months is a good quit to throw away, but only you can decide.

Lorraine :)


Your mind needs to be made up to quit... yours doesn't seem to be all there convinced since you bought cigarettes beforehand.

Maybe you need to start the proccess again all the way from the beginning? You obviously didn't keep in mind your reasons for quitting this past weekend and it might help to start from day one just to go through all that again.

As Lorraine said though... only you know where you stand and what to expect of yourself in the future. We're not here to judge... only to support if you decide that quitting is what you want to do!


First thing to do is give yourself a kick up the butt, get through today, throw the cigs away before you go to bed and start again tomorrow morning.

Biggest problem is that you are now back to day zero (forget about kidding yourself that you are still in month 2 - that will only tempt you to smoke again). I should know, I've been there many, many times; and once you think "I'll pretend it was a blip" you subconsciously tell yourself that it doesn't matter if you slip up every couple of months.

Good news is that you've acknowledged that you did wrong, have picked yourself up and are determined to try again. Keep posting on the forum and we'll all get there eventually :D


Hi Sparky,

i am so glad to see that you came back here for advice and support.

I think you need to be true to yourself- is it important to you that you dont think of yourself as back to day 0?


Sparky, only you know where you need to be.

I never reached your stage in a quit and went out and bought


, all my quits prior to failed within a few days. In one of those prior quits I bought a pack of fags before going out - saw the situ as a given, I would smoke. What I realise in retrospect is I wanted to smoke and used the event as an excuse.

In my opinion you have something worth salvaging, however you have just been given the finger by the nicodemon. Do you let him win? No-one on here can stop you posting wherever you fancy,you need to be true to yourself, as Claire said and make a choice.



Ditto to Mah Sparky.

The trouble with asking advice here on major blipping is that it will be mixed.

You bought prior to event and with intention to smoke .... however two months is not easily re-started and took some getting to.

Bet you wished those aliens had taken you now!

Your choice .... :)


Thanks for all the support everyone.

Pol, your right if they had only taken me then I would have more smoking budies:)

Mah, I'm glad you never reached this stage and hope you never do. Your right I did use the event as an excuse.

Claire, Thanks for the welcome back. The truth of the matter is I wish I didn't need to come back. I like our facebook friendship better.

RDN, the first part of your advice to kick myself in the butt was really easy. It only took three attempts The second part of throwing them away has been not so easy and I'm doing it right after I finish typing this.

SLB I have come back and read your post several times like the others it is the harsh truth.

Lorraine- your right maybe I should come back when I'm feeling more positive about it but I really don't want to throw it away anymore than I did over the past 4 days. 2 months is a good quit and I can't believe I feel into that friggin trap again just as I had done in the past.

The truth of the matter is here I am 4 days latter and still on day 0. What has happened? I celebrated my 2 months yesterday by smoking 2 cigarettes :mad::mad::mad:

Today has got to be better and I'm going to give it my best.

Thanks again everyone and sorry for the disappointment. One the bright side at least it was me that failed and not one of you. That has to give you all better odds somehow.


Shoot me down but to truly understand a quit you need to embrace the whole experience in my mind. Give up any pre concieved ideas of how you've done it in the past. Educate yourself on the reasons behind the quit then use the forum to support yourself and others and continue to realign yourself regarding your quit.

Quitting using this forum, I think, is a slow burn thing. I would hope that if the forum was used to its best abilities you would have posted on the forum before you went out and bought a packet of fags. People would have talked you down hopefully or at least given you tools to make a logical decision before you smoked.

I'm not sure you've done that.

I've learnt that its not just quitting. Its staying quit that is the art. I would suggest that you chuck the stinking fags away and start again and post regularly on the forum for yourself and to support others. Read the links. Read Allen Car. Do anything that helps to try and gain an understanding of your quit.


No need to apologise to anyone, we've all been there at some point and it takes some guts to admit to it, especially to strangers on a forum :D - not sure if I would have been that brave.

Have you read Allen Carr's book "Easy Way To Stop Smoking"? or even better, listended to the CD's - I play them every day in the car going to and from work and it cetainly helps dispel the myth that we ever enjoyed smoking. As he says, if we think we are depriving ourselves of something that is enjoyable then the craving never goes away and we feel we are missing out on something.

BTW He also recommends (or rather recommended - he died of lung cancer a few years ago) that if you are still smoking, to keep smoking until you have read the book or listended to all the CD's

Keep on posting....


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