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No Smoking Day
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Went 4 days and failed so threw 6 out of ten away and back to day 1 now


Cant belive it

4 days of feeling like i could do it.then all of a sudden it hit me. I HAD T O HAVE ONE! So i bought 10, smoked 4 and relised i felt exactly the same, so i run then under the tap and stuck a patch back on and this is day one again, when does it get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tony dont beat yourself up this time it should be a lot easyer. They say most of the nicotine is out of the body by 72 hours so the first few days can be a bit hard. you should find it a little easyer now because you know what to expect. xxxxx


Tony keep at it,you can do it.

Don't feel bad, it doesn't achieve anything.

I'm glad you have started again,educate yourself

and post here often.


Hang in there, Tomy...... we have all been there. On day 10 I caved and smoked one.... it made me ever so determined cause it was disgusting and made me so aware of my addiction..... there was nothing enjoyable about that one and final smoke.... did not put myself back to day one though..... :) You'll be alright.... :)


Thank you, its just so hard, i just get this feeling and want to rip my patch off and run to the nearest shop. i really want to do this, every body wants me too. my girlfriend is the main reason i am doing this as we are having a baby soon and have moved into our own house. when will the cravings end???

what ias the best way i.e patches,gum i need to do this.


Hi Tony,

Maybe the problem is doing it for your girlfriend. Do it for you. I think the only way to do it is set yourself up mentally. Read lots of information and uderstand you are giving nothing special up. You are instead gaining so much.

I can say this with utter certainty.

The craves do get better. But there are good days and bad. And you need to shore yourself up for them and realise its just a few minutes. Don't become negative, I think it makes the crave worse.

I sat in my car one day and the feeling was so intense of needing to buy some smokes I was crying because I didn't want to smoke again. But I couldnt stop this need to buy smokes. 5 mins later it was over and I carried on without buying any. You are an addict. Accept it,educate yourself,read the links and post on here, embrace the cravings and look forward to a smoke free life. x


If at first you don't suceed try try try again, we teach our children that so don't feel bad or like a failure, feel good that you at least tried.


hi tomyp,,sorry you caved in ,,just dust your self down,and start all over again, its not a big deal,you are stronger than you think,,just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


i did the very same thing in january..came on here then caved on the fourth day......picked myself up and started again 13th of feb and havent touched one so far........

just start agin......and keep going, you will do it


Hi Tomyp

Well done on your quit and welcome to the forum So you caved after 4 days but are back on track now and you learnt a valuable lesson, that smoking doesn't solve anything as Tony say's dust yourself down and start again and as Fiona said you have got to want this for you not just for your girlfreind

You should read as much as you can read the posts on here you will find loads of tips to help you also click on the link you will find in the signatures here are 2 to start with which I find really helpful whyquit.com and woofmang.com and of course you have all of us to help and support as well

Post often rant,rave whatever we don't mind at all most of us have had more than 1 rant whatever it takes is OK by us

Good Luck



Like everyone said, educate yourself and learn from every 'fail'..... I have a whole list of 'this is what I will do when I go cig thought - wanna have one crazy...... anything and everything is included in that list.... hot shower, gum, gummy bears, hypnosis cd, running, breathing, crying, calling mom, being on here..... find what works for you! Good luck!


Hi Tomyp ,

I can really relate to what yr goin thru.

It can get better , HEAPS better :)

In my exp, the physical withdrawl is pretty easy to overcome compared to the

mental obssesing which is the real killer. Its the same as with other addictions

like alcoholism.

If you wanna find out how to conquer the mental aspect, I recommend "allen

carr's easy way to stop smoking" to help get into a powerful mindset.

Then, to stay stopped, get out there and help other smokers,

they need yr help!

I love being a non smoker

good luck bro


i did the same thing

dont beat yourself up...i remember buying a pack after one week and I smoked one and it tasted TERRIBLE. threw the rest of the pack away and never ever had another. keep ur days in tact....you are at 4 days if you want no harm


4mths soon to be 5 mths of no smoking


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