Day 29

Done. Getting oh so close to that 1 month mark. Then I'll stop counting the days and move to weeks. Maybe after 3 months I'll count only the months and so. I'm still planning to start running in July, not just to get rid of some unwanted weight but also to see if I notice a difference in my breathing and overall energy level. It'll takes months to determine this I expect but hey, I'm not going anywhere. Just hanging here with you good people. :)

3 Replies

  • When you start running, you'll be AMAZED at the difference in breathing and energy levels :)

    I couldn't run at all before - I started the C25K app in...April? Maybe March...anyway I can run up to about 5 miles now quite happily, and my legs are what stop me, rather than my breath!

    Nearly time for a new room :) Good going, canwes x

  • Canwes

    You know we are all so very proud if you, move to weeks if that what works for you x, you can do this we are right behind you

  • Well done Canwes.

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