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Day 29 - back to basics

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Hello, So here I am now on day 29! I was using the ecig yesterday and I came home from work in a panic about what was wrong with me. I was falling asleep in a meeting, I could barely express any emotion at all I was just so TIRED!! I then thought to myself, lets get rid of this ecig and see if I feel any better. that was 7pm last night and I feel LOADS better!!! :) I feel like im physically in nicotine withdrawal but the mental symptoms are very minor, don't feel emotional or any of those symptoms. Maybe because im coming of the nicotine rather than cigarettes and its 4000 chemicals.

Im not going to lie, I still think 'wouldn't it be nice to have a fag' now and then. But I know smokers cant just have the odd one, its either smoking or not smoking and when I balance the two I would rather be a non smoker overall.

The battle continues......


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Well done on day 29!

You are right, it does come back when you less expect it, but I'm feeling much better in control now than before.

It becomes less often and less intense which requires less will power to get it over with.

You've done really well, stay alert and focused all time and it will be over before you know it.

The phase you are entering now is - for me - the most difficult phase.

You need to concentrate and be very alert, some people become anxious, depression or even extremely aggressive ( that was only me Lol)

Whatever way it's going to come, you'll be ready and we'll kick Mr niko in the backside together.

Stay strong buddy, it's almost over ;)

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Well done Nikki on reaching Day 29 but more importantly you no longer using the e-cig, as you said the battle continues, so be strong and ready to attack!

Hi all.....Day 29 here is the weekend and is much harder than a work day week!!

I am trying yet again to give up this evil habit.. i can do it....i know I can....1 day at a time.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to jae0404

Well done jae on Day 29, I too find the weekend harder than during the week at work as I am alot busier, tend to think more about smoking but it passes, stay strong!

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HercuValued Contributor in reply to jae0404

jae.. Welcome and a huge congrats on your 32nd today... and yes continue to take it day by day....

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