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Day 29 !!!!

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Almost the last day before i transfer to my monthly quit forum !! Don't wanna say too much more as to be fair I'v no idea how I'v got this far and I don't want to disillusion anyone or pretend it's been a piece of cake ! Week one and two and a half were easyish but week 3 on has been very difficult for me and very very 'strange' days. won't whinge about it too much because at least I have managed to remain smoke free and for other quitters out there you may have found it easier.............whooo wish i could get back to how i felt 3 weeks ago !!

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Dee Dee...... what you are going through is normal! Stick with it and really amazing days are to come. Never doubt your decision.... whatever doubts, it is the nicodemon only anyways :)

I swear I almost gave in after 4 weeks..... then it got better. Some bad days here and there but much improved overall :) Just remember why you quit in the first place....... personally what keeps me going is the fear of having to start over again. Good luck..... you are doing really, really well!!! :):)

Day 25

Hi Dee DeeI know what u mean, am on day 26 sorry not as above, taking a day off myself and approaching first month. Have really struggled some days, but determined to stick at it, We will get there, so many people say week 3 not the best, Keep going and remember u are not on your own, which usually helps me:cool:Kaz

A lot of people struggle with week 3, so don't panic.

It seems that it's nicotines last chance to get you before the physical withdrawal symptoms leave you for ever!

After the end of week 3 there are only psychological triggers, no physical craves.... you are winning ;)

Congratulations :D

All the best,

Stu (celebrating my 204th smoke free day today)


:)Cheers Stu, that helps alot and gives me alot also to look forward too, especially with easter holidays coming up, but that will be week 4 ha ha:D

Hi Dee Dee :D

Well done you Wow 30 days already that's great

Week 3 is often tricky as the physical withdrawal symptoms end and it's just the mind left to be convinced that you're doing the right thing as those sneaky little B.......d Nico :eek:Demons make a last bid to get you back in their power

You're the one that's winning this fight


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

day 30

Ahh thanks everyone for all your replies, yes week 3 was quite a hurdle to get through for me but I got here..

well done to all you quitters, I saw the 209th day there and i cant wait to be into the hundred days, must be such a feeling.

I go into month 1 tomorrow ( think i do, My day 1 was 4th March) and that is really an achievement.

Thank you all again and Bell you keep going strong and everyone else keep strong and thank our lucky stars for this site eh ?

congrats Dee Dee ..... wow a month!! Can't wait til I can say that :o ... you must be proud as punch!! good on ya x

Hi everyone

Yes, I have to agree, the end of week 2 and into week 3 have been very tricky indeed and have brought out some strange behavioural traits... I've found that biting into a rubber strawberry has helped enormously! Weird I know!

Cheers and well done!

TT x

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Deedee,

Congrats on getting that first month under your belt. I'm just coming up on completeing 2 weeks - today is Day 14! Worked on the bar at my local theatre for first time since I quit, and the only time I thought about cigs was when a couple of friends went outside - and I was just so glad that I wasn't joining them.

Start my 3rd week tomorrow, and also looking forward to counting in months. Will get there a day at a time, an hour at a time, a minute at a time - whatever it takes I'll get there:D

And so good to see what a strong MMQ Crew we got going on here.

Keep strong.


See another MMQ crew over the Month line!!! oh we are just the best!!


Well done Dee Dee! Thats the big hurdle over! And each time you face that crave it gets easier to face xx

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