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29 days as Gordon Ramsay would say 'Done'

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Feeling quite chuffed to reach day 29, apparently more likely to quit for good after this time. Still on 24 hr patches, which are good for me, don't know how it'll be when strength is reduced, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So far, I feel OK, fatter but fine!. I have intentionally had a lazy month, lots of reading, watching endless boxed DVD sets, lots of naps, all the time eating for Scotland!

Still feeling a bit lost, not sleeping too well, very restless and sometimes have been very very busy through the night in my dreams, even did a bank heist the other night!

However I have taken a tig to myself and am about to embark on a belated spring clean, and some decorating. Although I never smoked indoors, I think it would be nice to freshen up

I have become addicted to Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, it's gorgeous and so disassociated with a cig, so I find it helps. Gone completely off coffee and haven't had one all month, preferring tea, what's that all about?

I am from a non smoking family, and very few of my friends smoke, so I have found this Forum has been a great help. Its nice to have company in my quit, and I can relate to so so many stories.

So, for all you Strictly Fans. 'Keeeep Not Smokkiinng'

Fi x

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well done Nutmeg! It is good to have a spring (or maybe that should be Autumn) clean.Anyway it will be all lovely for Christmas! I went off coffee for a while and really enjoyed tea again, however I am back on the coffee again now.

Keep it going you are doing really well!:)

Thank you Haze,

You are so kind, and so supportive to everyone.

I like you!

Fi x

Well done nutmeg

I when off coffee for a while but I'm back on it now. And I love it with coffee mate and loads of sugar. Always had it strong when I smoked.

I also like chocolate too. More than I did before I smoked

I never smoked in the house but the first week I gave up I pulled all my curtines down and washed all me sofa covers etc.

Hi Shelly, yes that's my plan too, that'll keep me busy and then I'll maybe be tired when I go to be and sleep, I so miss a good sleep. Off to watch Paul O Grady, I,m a doggy person.

Fi x

hi nutmeg, you and i are at the same stage and im so gald you have made to what is now, your day 30!!!!! yiiiiiippppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

its funny how we can go off of things, in my most recent post, i talk about hating white wine and beer now which is weird!!! also i am the opposite to you, i used to drink tea all of the time but haven't had a cup for over a month instead i am mullering the coffee...

i love your bank heist dream ha ah that must have been seriosuly cool, maybe we can somehow link dreams and become the bonni and clyde on elm street..??

anyway, well done to you and massive congrats.... :)

Thanks Magic, Bonnie and Clyde it is then!!!

Here's to some Magical adventures then!!

Fi x

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