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Day 29

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The sun is shining and all is good. Back to the routine, getting ready now to go to work.I'm feeling a bit agitated today, a bit jumpy! Maybe I just need to rest from the rest lol

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Another day gone and from tomorrow on I have a different plan. I will no longer count the days but I will still be around here every day. I feel I'm very vulnerable at the moment but at the same time very strong. I don't feel I'm depraved of my lovely cigarettes... It really is a habit and very hard to break. Hope everyone had a great day!

Oh Mmaya, sorry to feeling a bit vulnerable.

I thinking smoking can be like a shield sometimes to distance ourselves from the world, but as you say you're strong and you'll get through those moments.

When I quit before I had a list of people I admire who had stopped smoking. Friends, family and famous Nick Cave...who I love😊 If they could do it, so could I!

Another thing that helped was EFT ( emotional freedom technique). Look it up on Youtube.

Another day gone and tomorrow will be better!

Take care x

Ps.sorry about my grammar/missing words. Can't go back and correct on this stupid phone!

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Eft? Never heard of it...let me Google it...I'll be back to you later ;)

Look up Gary Craig. He developed it.

I went on a Life Coaching weekend and we tried this (tapping) I found it very cathartic.

It could be nonsense or genius or just a bit of a distraction! Give it a go😊 x

Or could become a healthy habit.

We know how we ex-smokers like a habit!

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Well I just found an article about the habit. It debates the cigarettes as being a habit as opposed to a drug addiction. Basically, if you smoke an average of 20 cigarettes a day and do say 10 pushes each fag, what you are actually doing is a constant and repetitive movement with your hand up and down with a series of deap breathing. If you simulate the actions without the cigarettes you'll find the same effect without the smoke and the nicotine. You would be taking your hand up and down 200 times a day and have a series of 10 deep breaths each time. That guy reckoned that is the reason why patches and gum don't doesn't replace the habit and nicotine is only an issue for 3 days really!

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Googled it. Looks interesting, similar enough to what I'm doing, I did a meditation course about 25 years ago, I found the manuals and I've been reading it every day. The breathing techniques are really cool, I wish I found this earlier in my quit. One big milestone for me was actually to spend the all day with my mother in law and not losing it for a second. I'm not trying to be funny, she is a very difficult character and loves to get a reaction, she is very passionate abt her son, maybe a bit too passionate lol

Mothers and sons!

At least it was only a day. Just imagine it if she moved in...

No, don't imagine it!!! Sorry!

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You're mean! She actually mentioned it, it took me a good 20 deep breaths to get over it ;) I'm messing now, I'm such a loser that my best friend is actually my mother in law, that's probably because we are miles away lol

Mmaya I have had a trying day but I'm pleased I've got through it without smoking, even though I admit to a glass of two of wine today. Mothers and sons - well mine is driving me mad at the moment but I have to stand back and say nothing - tomorrow all will seem trival. What will be will be and nothing will change if I smoke. At last I've learned something - I'll just sleep on it and tomorrow will be better.

Why do we stress about things we can do nothing about? Not the wine talking. just me.

What pleased me most of all is that I'm still not smoking and I'm getting things into perspective at long last.

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