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Another day 5 success :)

I've been smoking for 34yrs, up to 40 a day for the last 10yrs or so and have failed miserably sooooo many times. I'm using patches and strips and the pharmacy step down programme (I've used this before too)

So happy to be on day 5 :) I've been really positive all week, I fully expect to hit a down anytime soon but I'm sure I'll be ready for it

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Fantastic to hear you've reached day 5 first week nearly done. Just keep those positive thoughts and you will win through


Welcome, Ananke :) Absolutely SO well done on your 5 days, and look forward to hearing your progress :) The first 2 wks I thought in very short chunks of time, along the lines of not smoking for the next 30 mins or while I drink this tea and then maybe ill have one later .... but just not now etc it seemed to work better for me than FOREVER!!

Great that you have extra support from the pharmacy too! :)


Welcome Ananke and well done on 5 days !!! I'm just on day 6 so you are right on my heels:) I better not stumble else you'll run right over the top of me;)

In your welcome post - you mentioned feeling good and breathing so much better – well me too!! so that's a huge incentive for both of us to keep going. As for the 'other you' inner dialogues – yeah well - eventually we'll be able to tell them to just buzz off and leave us alone, but for the time being we just have to drown out their voices by saying NOPE over and over and over again and constantly remind ourselves how good it feels to breathe without coughing.


Thanks for the welcome and encouragement folks, it really helps. I love this forum already :)

Que, so glad your breathing is better too, I was disgusted with myself last week, couldn't talk at times without coughing and then having the cheek to light up,

I dug over and raked a bed at the allotment yesterday and didn't cough once and I swear I was light headed with all that clean oxygen, it was such a great feeling.

There are some things going on this weekend that I really don't want to be involved in or be around the people who will be there so I'm hiding out of the way. I know I will have to face these challenging times (and people) eventually but for now I think I need to just lay low. I'll be peeking over your shoulder Que, have a great day 7 and take some lovely deep breaths :)


Oooh you have an allotment too! Digging's much easier smoke-free, you're right :)


Thanks Ananke, sounds like your making smart choices to protect yourself and I'm very proud of you!! We'll get around to facing those kind of things when we are ready and better prepared, who needs that added pressure right now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend laying low and not coughing:-)


Brilliant news, great start, I used the patch method also, but adjusted it to suit my self.

Great your with us and so look forward to your updates.

Please post and read often, let's make this quit count. A huge welcome from me


Thanks for the encouragement guys :) That's day 6 over, looking forward to getting the first week under my belt :)


Congratulations hell week nearly done


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