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10 weeks its hard today!!

Ive now hit 10 weeks smoke free.. 2 blips along the way (very small ones ) been fairly easy so far .

But at the moment I am really wanting a fag, im not craving one im just really missing smoking I just want to smoke ....

I know its daft cause im not missing out on anything etc... but im watching my husband smoke at the moment and I just want one. but my body isn't craving for one.. its my mind playing tricks on me I know that.... but its so hard at the moment not to give in !!

ive come this far so I really don't want to cave in now !!

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Hi there Mrs.

Now you know you don't want to give up all that hard work you have put in.

Stop watching him and go do something else right away. You can do this !!

It's just the faintly beating heart of an almost dead awful habit.

Take care,



I agree with Sherri :)

Sometimes watching someone else smoke is a good thing because you can see it for what it really is. A filthy, smelly addiction. But sometimes it just makes you want to smoke. Step away from the situation, if you can, and do something to keep your mind off it. Anything.

You're doing great, just don't throw it away after all of your hard work! :D


It's 10 weeks for me too, and sometimes when I am around other smokers I feel I really want a cig, but I know I would be so upset if I caved in now, we have come too far now to turn back. We really don't need those smelly white cancer sticks. Keep strong and we can celebrate together when we reach 3 months in a couple of weeks


Fantastic achievement Linzi, well done you :D


i didnt cave

I made it through the evening without caving in.....:D

feel very happy with myself

thank you for responding, it helps to know people are there when you hit a difficult stage

Hopefully I wont have another day like that again for a while !!



Well done

Well done mrs W. I know how you feel. I gave up 31days ago and my wife gave up too, however a few days ago she caved in and smoked. It's so hard to sit here and smell and watch her smoke. But we must remember That WE are the ones who are smoke free and It doesn't matter what anyone else does we are doing it for ourselves and for our benefit. So battle on brave lady and you will be successful . Love Jonno.


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