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6 weeks today and tested

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Six weeks today and it was kind of like the day I quit.

The day I quit was a day when I had a few pupils on their driving tests so I had a lot of hanging around the test center doing nothing. On that day I went 6 hours without smoking had a fag then went 6 hours again which took me up to 10pm that night. That's when I had my last cigarette I have not smoked since.

Today I had 3 pupils taking their driving tests so I was doing alot of hanging around, remembered about smoking then thought not interested. This was even after standing near my pupils who were smoking before and after their test.

So you could say it was a big test for me, I don't want to smoke I get a little thought of smoking and then tell myself "Don't be ridiculous you don't smoke"

I feel really great I don't know if it is physilodgical because I really wanted to stop smoking.

I suppose there will still be hills to climb along the way but I now feel strong enough to deal with anything, I also have friends to help me if needed.

I must add there has been so much help here when it's been hard.

Thanks guys and girls.

Love from me,


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Well done you!!

You are firmly on your way to that Penthouse!!

Thank you for the support you have given me and others Jack


Tinks xx

Yes well done Jack, you are doing great and encouraging others too, fantastic. Did your pupils pass their tests by the way? We are a nosey lot on here and we have to know these things!! :)

Congratulations on your six week mark, thats great too. So nice to hear you in a positive mood my sweetie xxxx Love and hugs, take care, from me xxxx

brill Jack

u have done so well, I am a week ahead of you and having similar experiences now back in work..

we can all do it heres to another week

Very well done Jack

You will face triggers now and again but each time yo uget passed one you know you have won again. Also big congrats on your 6 weeks.xxxxxxx

Well Done

Brill Jack, 6 Weeks, soon be months. U are doing fantastic especially as u didnt face most of your triggers until recently.....

Its not always an easy road, but with your postive attitude u are definately giving yourself a better chance.....

Keep Strong Jack, A massive big hug coming your way Kaz x:p

Hey guys, I mean, in this case, girls. There is too many to answer seperately so thnks. I'm feeling quite proud of myself but all of you should be just as proud of yourselves. Tinks, Sue, Vivienne, linda, Kaz I'm just as proud of you as you are of me. It's great to know we are all together in this.

Linda I've meeting these triggers all day.:D



Vivienne just for you xxxx don't let anyone know and I had 2 passes today both were first time one failed that was her second attempt. But just like the newbies we can't let them give in.

Love from Jack

Well done jack that was a huge trigger to get through


Marg xx

Thats great Jack, so pleased you had two passes, it must make you feel good when your pupils pass - you are a winner on all sides!! Keep up the good work Jack, you are doing brilliantly. Love and hugs Vivienne. xxxx :)

Jolly Well done arr Jack!

Your doing marvellously.... we're all jolly proud!

Keep up the gold star worthy work!


6 weeks and 1 day Jack! Fantastic my love you are just doing so well, it's a hell of an achievement. Well done proud of you:)

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