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Hello - 8 Days


I am new to the forum and have managed to go 8 days & 20 hours without smoking now.

I am determined to quit for good and at current I am finding it relatively straight forward.

I have gone cold turkey and the only side effects I can say I have felt to date is a mouthful of ulcers and I feel tired a lot more!

I have been reading this forum from day 1 of my quit and would just like to say it has helped hearing of other peoples battles.

I wasn't a huge smoker and have been on 10 a day for the past 16 years or so, perhaps a few more at weekends.

With the bank holiday weekend just gone, I was dreading going to the pub and out socialising, however I managed to go to the pub everyday since Friday and I have not faltered once, its a great feeling!

Anyways I thought I would introduce myself and will post updates as and when I can.


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Hello a huge welcome from me, my word how fantastic you are doing. And so pleased so far all is qoing well for you,

I look forward to your future posts, good or bad.

Great to have you with us.

Doing brillant


Well done on reaching 8 days. Glad you have joined us were all here to help and support each other


Thanks Guys

Its mind over matter now! Just got to keep plugging away day by day.

Off out over the chase on my bike when I get home to fill these lungs with fresh air!


Yes, plug plug away! Congrats on day 8 :) x


Hello Staffswolf :) big well done from me for getting to 8 days, and it's great you've decided to say hi - I've found posting and reading on here most days really helpful - there are some wise people around!

Good luck :)


Hi Staffswolf

Day 8 is fantastic and so is handling the long social weekend. Welcome and hope we can help you plug away 😀


Congratulations on 8 days..........more now? Yep, a good way to blow out the cobwebs, getting on your bike. My breathing has improved significantly over the weeks (20 a day for most of 40 years).


Hey All.

On day 10 today and still feeling positive!! 😀

Just got back from a run and it felt good apart from all the gunk I was coughing up. More so than when I smoked and ran!

I am a fairly active person with mountain biking a lot and running now and then. I did feel a lot more comfortable in my breathing just though and I am running 4 miles in less than 30 mins.

All in all another good day.


Good grief 4 miles in 30 mins?! Right, that's given me a kick up the rear - I'm staggering along at about 13 mins a mile! I will up my game (but not to your level! And one day at a time...)

It's amazing feeling the easier breathing kicking in isn't it? I hadn't even realised I was short of breath when i still smoked, but within days of stopping it was noticeably better...It's wonderful to watch/feel those benefits arriving :)

Keep it up Staffswolf! x


That's about 7k. Phew, you are fit. Just keep off the smokes, otherwise eventually it will all turn bad.


Thanks guys.

Yeah I do push myself hard when I run. My legs are feeling it today, I've finished work early so I'm gonna go out on my bike in this lovely weather. Anything to keep the mind off the smokes!

At this rate I'm going to be extremely fit in the not so distant future.

I'm just a little worried as to how easy I'm finding this. I've just drove to Essex and back from Staffordshire and did not once think of having a smoke, whereas before I'd have smoked 4 or 5 on that journey. I'm really hoping it doesn't all turn sour.

11 days done at 5pm!!

Thanks for all your support everyone.


Welcome and congratulations!!! Sounds like you're doing great! I found immense support on this forum and I'm sure you will too!! Knowing you're not alone can be encouraging and the advice from those who have been there is invaluable!! Keep up the awesome quit!!!


Hello Staffswolf, welcome to the forum and well done. It is good here, everyone is helpful and some of the old posts make great reading! Good luck in your quit. :)


Incy, any running is better than smoking. I'm finding breathing in general a whole lot better too.

The only thing I'm kind of struggling with is sleeping but I'll get over that.


I too had trouble sleeping, google it, makes interesting reading. Apparently, smokers don't sleep properly and on quitting your body needs to 'learn' how to. :)


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