One year today

This is indeed a whole year I will say that without the forum, I would never ever of got this far. So a HUGE THANKYOU to all who have supported me,

I think I can openly and honestly say that life has thrown me many a difficult time in the last year but I have realised, smokng does not make any situation easier or harder, it just doesn't do any thing.

Am I pleased, yes just a little chuffed, THANKYOU each and every one, who indeed supported me, as the support given was the difference between failure or success..

Please please all newbies you can do it, step by step, and I was once told by a senior member, there would be a time when I would not think of lghting up he was right once in a while I have a very fleeting thought of smoking, but that's all a thought, not a crave, or urge, a thought.

Did I ever think I could do it,no I didn't, here I am a year WOW

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  • OMG, whilst I do my final preperations this morning before subjecting myself to the half it would be so wrong of me not to poke my head in and say


    I do hope you have enjoyed the red carpet welcome Tracey, sneaking in at the time that you have doing it VIP all the way.

    How does it feel finally making it to the fabled penthouse?

    Truly one in a million you are the moat selfless person I have known.

    Enjoy your new surroundings x

  • Tracey congratulations :)

    It's so lovely to hear the success stories here, I'm really looking forward to joining you in the penthouse in...about 48 and a half weeks...oh that sounds like ages! Tell me it gets quicker?

    Enjoy your well-earned penthouse residency Tracey x

  • That's fantastic news Tracey. Feels great doesn't it to be finally free! Well done you, a cracking achievement, you won, nic lost :) X

  • Tracey had to log on to say how proud I am of you. So well done my love. As Hellers says it's feels good doesn't it. You are so lovely and have been so caring supportive to others and huge asset to the Forum.

    Hope you enjoy the day.

    FI xx

  • Brilliant :)

    Many congratulations Tracey!!

  • lovely news, so happy for you. x

  • Well done Tracey !

    I know that your numerous supportive posts on here have helped others - so you can be twice as proud of your achievement.

  • Tracey so so pleased for you,I can't think of a more supportive, lovely deserved forum member, so glad you made it, I hope u have a lovely day xxxx

  • Congratulations your an inspiration to all of us quitters. Keep a place for me I've a long way to travel yet but I will get there.

  • Congratulations Tracey, you are an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for holding my hand and helping me through those tough first few weeks. Thank you

  • Lovely to see you reach such a huge milestone Tracey - stand tall and feel proud!

  • Congratulations Tracey, you inspire me and my quit

  • A very, very BIG well done from me !

  • THANKYOU all for taking time with your good wishes.

  • Very well done Tracey, one year must be a fantastic feeling! :)

  • Tracey, my dear girl, a little bird told me you had reached the Penthouse so I am just putting my head around the door to say YAAAAAYYY TRACEY!!! WHAT A COMPLETE STAR!!!

    I hope you're as proud as punch of what you've achieved as I know it's not been an easy road for you. You've had so many external pressures to cope with but you've held on and done that thing you once said was the only way to successfully quit- just go on putting one foot in front of the other- and here you are, home free, with a garland of flowers around your neck and a big 'winners' medal. Well done you wonderfil person you! Now- the chocolate cake is iced and ready so put your feet up and let me cut you an enormous slice...:D xxxxxxxxx

  • I haven't been in contact before, but just wanted to add my congratulations to the others. An inspiration to those of coming through.

    And eternally may it continue.

  • Well done Tracey, how does it feel?

  • Massive congratulations Tracey, you totally deserved your freedom. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Thanks for all your lvely messages

  • Belated congratulations Tracey, I hope the penthouse is all you dreamed off, good stuff

  • Congratulations Tracey,sorry I missed your big day,but well done x

  • Well done Tracey, not here very often any more but sooooo pleased to see you make the milestone.

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