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One year today

Hi some of you may or may not remember me my user name was Jack. I tried sending a message to be reinstated with my old username but I did not get a reply so I'm using a different username jackagain to come back on the forum. Anyway if you had asked me a year ago could I stop smoking I would have said NO!!

I have put this on day one in the hope it may help some of you just starting out or trying again for the umteenth time. It can be done I smoked for 52 years and today I'm going into day one, year two.

It's not easy and only you can do it, it gets easier then harder then easier again. But each time it gets easier again it's earier than the last time.

I still at times feel an urge but now that's all it is and unless something drastic happens I will never smoke again.

I have not got off scott free, I have been diagnosed as having a mild Cronic Brochitis.

I hope this will help you guys who are beginning this long but does not have to be a lonely road there's others on here who will help, THEY All HELPED ME!!!

I don't want praise many before me have done this and many more will again. Alex well done hun on keeping going you were not forgotten I got lost.

These are my figures after one year may help the trying:

Quit time: 1 year,

cigarettes not smoked: 7,295

Money saved: £2,305.34

Life saved: 3 weeks 4 days 7hrs 55mins

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Well to say that I am pleased to see you back on the forum would be an understatement, I am absolutely thrilled you have done so well as you know and I don’t care if you don’t want praise because you are going to get it any way.

One Year quit smoking and sometimes I know you have had a struggle with health problems etc but because you have been so resilient you have made it :D

I so missed you love and I hope you are stopping as It is great to have some well known names on here that I know.

Speak soon xxx


Hi, you're doing not too bad yourself. You must be getting close to the year now.

If I'm welcome I'll hang around and maybe do some good for the ones that need it.

I see there are still some recognisable names on here.

Jack :rolleyes:


Good Evening Jack I am sorry that you haven't been able to log on in your original user name, if you would like me too move your threads across to that name I will of course, but if you want to stay as Jackagain I cannot see that as being a problem either but you were well known as Jack so does seem a shame to lose your brilliant past year posts etc.

Again please except our apologies and Congratulations on your year quit.

Regards Mod 2


Yes I would like to be back on here as jack. I might not be on as often as I used to but I'd like to help some others if I can.

Thanks Jack


Huge WELL DONE Jack on stepping into the Penthouse. Glad to see you're back to spread your wisdom and wit.

Congratulations on a job very well done.


Hello Jack, so nice to see you on here again. You have done great. One year wow, as you can see I'm back again I'v lost count but this one is the last one:o. well done Jack:D.


well done cant wait till my first year is up :)


Such a lovely message and so encouraging to realise what can be achieved .. thank you for sharing that with all who are quite new to this site .. it is wonderful what you have achieved ...Shells x


Inspirational, congrats xxx


Well done, Jack!!! :)


Well done and thanks :)


Big Congrats Jack, spoil yourself rotten and enjoy your special day.

The darned snow is back again, hope it is not causing you too many problems.



Hi everyone, yep it's great to get to 1 year as most on here who have stopped before me wiil tell you as time goes on it just gets better. You feel better, you smell and can smell, taste better there are so many rewards waiting for you along the road. So Deano I remember you trying quite some time ago and here you are trying again, GREAT!! keep trying and one day you wont need to try any more.

The people I feel for is the ones in the early stages but remember seeing is believing.

Thanks for all the messages and the support when I was just trying (very trying) I don't know how much I can come on here as I have a few other things to look after like web shops etc. but I'll give support where I can.

Mod 2 I tried to log on with my old username and it tells me wrong password. Im sure I'm using the right one. I asked for a password reminger but I think BT is blocking some of my emails and treating them as spam.

Hi to jackie, bellablue13, Nic123, lozza and hello to SLB, Shells, mr g



Hi Jack,

A huge well done to you, what a fantastic achievement to reach that one year mark :D

Snowie xx



Thanks for your story - great inspiration for us newbies just starting out :)


Cheers Jack, very inspirational stuff there, all the best!:)


I haven't smoked for 5 weeks, 16 hours and 35 minutes, so that's 535.36 cigarettes I haven't smoked, saving myself £80.30 .


Well done on you year quit . And how you explain the rollercoaster of a ride is so true . Like someone has said i cant wait for my 1 yr quit . some way to go yet .


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