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No Smoking Day
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One year today woohoo

Hi all,

Not been on here for a long while, and this morning something told me to log in, had a look at my old posts, there isn't many and was shocked as today is my 1yr anniversary, and i can honestly say, hand on heart that not one cig, roll up, cigaror anything else that contains nicotine has ever touched my lips since 23/01/10. So hows it been, a little rough at the beginning, but all the sickness, headaches and any other sympton i had at the time, is what kept me going at it, i just kept telling myself i'm not making myself feel this rubbish, just for me to give in and i tell myself the same now if i at all feel tempted. I can't imagine ever smoking again, i now find it a disgusting habit, not that i preach to people.

Well that's my first yer done with, yer 2 will be breeze.:D

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Congratulations, that's a wonderful achievement!

I love hearing the success stories. It gives me hope :)



It also gives me hope.

I like inspirational posts like these as it shows light at the end of tunnel :D


Congrats Hev034, that's a good year of clean living.


Congratulations :D Brilliant news.


Welcome to the penthouse

Was it a relief to know that you are officially One Year Quit, it was for me because now I dont have to keep watching the callendar(well only a bit) you have obviously not been watching it any way, so well done and I hope year 2 is just as easy.


Come and join us at the Bar for a small drink x


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