No Smoking Day
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One year today!!

I will have a large Disaranno on the rocks, as with all of us i never thought i would see this day.

i feel so much healthier than i did a year ago, the pain and anguish of a cold turkey quit was all so worthwhile.

Thank you all for your support over the year, it's been emotional!!

20+ years of smoking, should have done this years ago,

barman another please, i plan on being here sometime.

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Make it another large one!

Congratulations :)



another one to make it up here its a great view dont you think?


Yeaaahhhhh, Mr Marks! Well done!

Big up all the January quitters, so many of us making this milestone, we are clearly a bunch of strong people!



Jolly well done

5981 have one on me you certainly deserve it.



..... and a BIG well done from me too Mr M :D


Yeah, congratulations to you! Well done! :D


:cool: Congratulations on making it to your first year smoke free .


congrats to you!!! what a great feeling isnt it?

enjoy your well deserved success!!:D


big congrats

omg it feels good doesnt it

welcome to the penthouse


Thanks everyone, what a journey for us all.

Well done to everyone who has got this far, and for others reading this just starting out.

We have got this far and we never thought we could, you can do it also, just believe and be strong, if you want to give up then you can do it.

Nothing feels better than being smoke free, believe me.

Take care everyone, here's to the next year!!



Well done mate :) I'm only 5 hrs in and feeling it, but posts like yours are a great help and inspiration that It can be done and I hope I'm making a post like yours one year today, once again well done


Thanks Steelfixer, everyone struggles believe me, but remind yourself why you are doing it and the cravings willl pass, it can be done, but you have to be strong and determined, nobody says it is easy.

However if you want to stop you will stop, it does get easier honestly, just resist and eventually the cravings will become less.

I felt exactly the same as you a year ago, i never thought i would be where i am now, but it is good, a high you will never get from nicotine, and a sense of pride in what you have achieved.

Be strong and see you in the penthouse next year....your round!!!!



Hopefully yes I'll make the penthouse, just got to be positive and do my best in not buckling to cravings, we'll see :)



Congratulations MrMarks, what a fantastic achievement, I am on day 5 and am delighted so see stories like yours just proves it can be done.


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