One year today :)

Soooooooo happy :D I can't believe I can actually say one year today!!!

Reached the Penthouse werhoooo!!

What can I say? So many people to thank....never been good with speeches haha, but for me this is like getting an award- and the prize is priceless!

Well done to all who have reached their goals, whether its the 10 minute goal, a day, a week,a month, a year - all winners:)


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  • Thats fantastic sound very proud and have every reason to be:D Well done you and keep up the good work;)

  • Fantastic Angela. First year without a smoke is something to be proud of, keep it up mate. David

  • That's great, so your from last years No Smoking day?

    Congratulations, you' done something to be very proud of!!!! :D

  • Well done, one year is amazing. You sound really chuffed and so you should be.

  • Good Morning Angela.

    Strike that! - It's a BRILLIANT morning!

    More than a year quit - just fantastic. Well done to you.

    Another MMQ gets into the penthouse. (They'd better make some room 'cos there's more of us on the way!)

  • How great to see another one hit the penthouse!! Well done angela, keep quitting!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Well done Algela, I hope you gave yourself a nice surprise you sure deserve it.


  • A huge WELL DONE Angela :cool:

    A year quit and a really happy upbeat encouraging post.......... A great speech and a truly deserved reward ;)

    Feb and now the March quitters really are continuing to show it's all possible and, wow, the Penthouse must be straining at the seams.

    Here's to your second year being an ongoing success too :)

  • hey there angela, well done on your anniversary. a whole year is fab!! xxxxxx

  • Congratulations!

    Welcome to the penthouse although it will need an extension soon!!!



  • Angela,

    congrats to you on your hugest of achievements, and for being proof that nicotine addiction IS conquerable.

    Good to see this post from you!

    Well done!


  • Well done Angela :D

    Enjoy your well earned promotion to the penthouse after a whole year of staying smoke free ...........ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !:cool:

    Best wishes


    20 a day for 30 years

    3 months patches

    7 months , 2 weeks C.T

  • Huge congratulations to you Angela on reaching the penthouse. BRILLIANT!

    G x

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