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One year today

When I started out a year ago, I had little doubt I would be able to post this milestone. After all, I had already given up once before many years ago, for four and a half years. I still have quite some time to go to beat my previous "record", but I'm happy to know that one year has already gone by.

Best wishes to all the other NAS quitters, and good luck to everyone else who is somewhere along the journey to quit. You CAN do it!


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Congratulations Alex.

Just goes to show what a positive mindset can do!

Here's to one year down, and the rest of your life smoke free.

Helen x


I am sure I have said this to you before, but you quit on my wedding day :)

Very well done to you. Back at the penthouse where you belong - make sure you stay there this time! :D


Hello Alex. A big big big congratulations on your 1 year! crikey have a really known you that long :eek::p


Always knew you would make this fantastic milestone. You should feel very proud. Heres to many more :)


Congrats Alex.....

Huge achiement well done, I guess that it must be: :confused:


Excellent news Alex and a great achievment! :D


congrats alex!!!!!!!! so well done:D:D:D:D


A very BIG WELL DONE Alex, knew you would do it my friend.

Congrats to you, please keep me a seat hope I won't be long behind you.

Maria. x:)


You Got There

Congratulations on achieving your seat at the Bar in the Penthouse5918

That second year whizzes by as you already know x


Well done Alex.

Will do my utmost to join you all in the penthouse this time next year ;)

G x


Huge congrats on your one year Alex :D

Mine's a dry white if you're buying :p

Pooks x


May the quit remain with you

Well done Alex in completing your year around the sun, stay strong and remember just say no:p, no matter how confident you are feeling.

Congrats once again.




i love the fact there are so many of us reaching the penthouse :D

party time is here yippee :)



A huge thankyou to all of you: Helsbelles, MrsCP, una-g, johnj6922, CamperPete, im a quitter, betty boop, jamangie, neverstoptrying, Pookie, Karri, MAH, and Carol62.

We have all helped each other along the way, and I'm so happy to see many others reaching their milestones from around the same time as I joined, as well as many new people who are making a difference. It is sites like this that keep us stimulated and forgetting those damned awful cigarettes (spit, spit)!

Oh, and I didn't forget you kitkat72, my "special" friend :eek: Yes, we have known each other for a year already. :p

Again, thanks everyone! I won't be a stranger.

Alex (aka M :cool:).


Good Morning Alex

I am so sorry that i missed your extra special thread but here i am and im saying to you my friend


Oh well done Matey, 1 whole year (+3 days today) Heres to the next year. I am so pleased for you.

Well done that man xx


Thank you very much Jo. It's really appreciated.



Congrats Alex on your year, sorry I missed the thread when you originally put it up. I love these threads as it lets us know that giving up smoking is actually possible. Hope to see you in the penthouse in 345 days time.

Lisa x


Thanks very much Lisa and good luck for your quit!

No worries about being a tiny bit late with the congrats. It helps stretch out the celebration! :D



Super achievement. Well done you! I'm super jealous, and shared experiences like yours is what's helping to inspire me to start my Day 1 again. I can't imagine getting to a whole year but I bloody hope it happens and isn't just a pipe dream for me. Congratulations to you!


Congratulations Alex, I do have a good excuse for missing the original post, but I'm sorry and well done on your first year. David


Thankyou very much Foozle and David.

Foozle, I really should write more to help people starting out, although I have to admit that I have somehow lost sight of exactly how it feels both mentally and physically to stop. The one thing I do know is that the mind has to be in the right place to make it easier, which is easier said than done. But, there are some principles I have read and used to help me along the way. I'll try to share some of those soon.

David, thanks for all the jokes! They certainly brightened up my day (and continue to do so when I'm around).




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