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New room........almost


I'm writing this a little early as I have a friend staying over this evening, I'm 25 minutes away from completing my second week and am confident I will get there. I drank too much red wine last night - I know some people's alcohol intake increases when they quit; I should really know that is a no-no for me - and the self pressure to succumb was very strong. No matter, I have arrived in Week 3.

I'm thinking I'll only stay here for a week. That should be long enough :)

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Alcohol can be a big no no when quitting and many quits have been lost while drinking :( Best avoided if it put your quit at risk, just not worth it.

Yay! week 3, bring it on! x

It's funny, but my social life seems to have rocketed since I quit. I don't normally get as many invites as I have the last two or three weeks.

That's how my 7 year quit ended had a few to drink thought just have one big mistake never take a single puff

Hmmm, that warning is ominous but goes to show. It has to be never. NEVER

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations walkabout - careful with the wine tonight :)

I shall be arriving in week 3 with you. I'll bring a bottle and two glasses. But we shall definitely not be smoking. NOPE xx

A smoke free building. That's the place for me. And welcome to your new home!

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