New week new room

Well here I am in a new room. Can't believe that a little over a week ago I was sat on the doorstep of this amazing place, puffing away and smelling like an ashtray. Then I was invited in to the warm friendly and sweet smelling entrance. Now I'm looking around my new bedsit room which is very nice but I don't want to stay long I am going to work my way up and up till I finally get the penthouse suite. Seriously though I am thrilled to be entering my second week as a non smoker and know I can make it with the help of the amazing supportive people in here

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  • Well done SE. Things certainly take on a different perspective - food tastes better, more energy, feeling better about self etc etc. :D

  • Hello Spanish,

    I have followed your posts on week 1. Well done especially trying it all around smokers. Great to see you being so positive 😄

  • You'll find the rooms become more luxurious the longer you go without smoking. ;)

  • Well done and enjoy wk 2

  • So pleased for ya!!!! You're doing so well, enjoy your new room :-) xx

  • Well done Spanisheyes :D Doesn't a whole week feel amazing? SO worth all the effort!

  • Well done there. Reaching a week is a great feeling; I'm at the same point as you. I probably have the bedsit next to you. I hope you don't play music too loud..........oh, and it's a no-smoking building in case you didn't know :D

  • Congratulations to you Spanisheyes! What an achievement!

  • Well done Spanish eyes, it's great to see yourself reaching a milestone and then aiming for the next one, look forward to reading about your progress x

  • That room sounds so good! I am even thinking in getting a room in there :cool:

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