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end of day 2

Bad start this morning, got up feeling positive but family problems kicked off, causing me considerable stress and automatically went to find my ciggies, didn't have any of course but the need for one was pretty bad. It passed and the realisation that the problem would still be there whether I smoked or not made it easier to keep to my resolve. Proud of myself that I made it through a rough day. These early days are hard but I know it can only get easier day by day

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Ooh you rascal, you kept us waiting late in the day for an update! :p

A magnificent achievement in making it through, but promise you'll remember what you said about smoking not making it better. Next time you get stressed, don't reach for the fags, you don't need them - today you proved that to yourself :)

If you are stressing, instead of reaching for fags reach for a keyboard and post on here. There will be someone about to help get you through it :)

You are rightly proud, you should be, bring on Day 3 :)


Well done!! Think thats something we all need to remember...whatever is stressing us out is still there whether or not you smoke!! You deserve to be very proud of yrself....hope I can say same in few days!

Stay strong x


Yay! Family should be tip toe-ing around you today, although my sons never did :( Yes, it does get easier, you know these first few days are testing, Roll on day 3 and let us know how you are doing x


Glad to hear you got through another day Spanish, bring on day 3, you can do this ;)


Proud of you. :)


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