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First Post: end of day 2

Thought i would post as finding myself with time on my hands. must keep occupied. Been smoking 24 years last 8 in secret as that is when i started a family and has always been hidden from the kids. Wife is outside smoking now which makes it difficult, i'm hoping she will follow me when she sees it can be done. Good luck everyone..lets hope it gets easier. Roll on tomorrow and day 3!!

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Welcome MrMarks,

Well done on your quit so far. This forum is a great place for support & help.

Read & post often & together we will do this.

Hope day 3 is good for you :D



Welcome welcome.

We can do this. We can, we can, we can! One day at a time.

This place really helps.



welcome. I know all about secret smoking- wht a mission. Life is so much easier without guilty secrets, still presumably your wife knew...:confused:


Thanks for the support All,

Yes she knew, we were always getting the kids to bed as quickly as possible so we could take turns to go outside and smoke, while the other kept guard!!! How sad. Anyway i am determined this time..not much sleep last night..but i will be victorious!!


Yes, my husband and I were exactly the same. He's still doing it, but intends to give up very soon (and I actually believe he will).

I totally know about being a secret smoker. 42 years old and I never even told my family! Ridiculous.

Hope you're doing well today.



welcome to the site mark and well done on getting to day 3 :)

just remember to take each craving at a time and try and keep your mind and hands busy this site has some really great threads and reading keeps your mind busy :p

i had to hide the fact i was a smoker from my dad many years ago which is hard especially when he was one of the reformed smokers and used to moan and grumble about me smoking in the end i told him i had given up just to stop him moaning :eek: i got through quite afew bottles of perfume at the time just to mask the smell

regards Carol


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