No Smoking Day
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Still Going

Quit smokameter says 120d, 20 hrs 49 mins, since last cigarette, £1,087.81 saved, so 4 Months done.

Just been away for the night at a hotel, nice not to have to stress about how, where and when could sneak a smoke in on the journey, or in the morning.

So far so good, finding it ok to swat any thoughts about maybe just having the one.

Just not so ok on the mental bit of not doing what I have been doing 20 times a day for the last 25 years.

Time I guess the healer on that one.

In the meantime head down and NOPE

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This time is your time Mr G :)

It's only yours to give away now so sticking to that NOPE mantra is a wise idea. Time does heal and eventually not smoking will be your default mindset.

It took a while for you to get here, but you are a perfect example for anybody else who struggles to quit that if you keep persevering eventually you find the quit that sticks.

Good man, chuffed for you :)


Well done Andrew, I'm only 100 days behind you, amazing too see how much you've saved, here's to the next 120 days x


Well scares me but is good to know that even after so long you can't rest easy and have to think have this...:D


Thanks for your comments folks.

I think I always seem a bit negative about how I'm doing when I re read my comments. But really I'm quite chuffed and I am far better than any other quit.

Bring it on !


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