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Over the course of 2013 I reckon I've probably smoked about 1/3rd of the time. Off for a few days, or a week or two, or a month but then kept falling back. So I reckon I've probaboy been through the 3 week milestone around 4-5 times this year - why o why was I so stupid to go back and wrap myself up in that chain again all these times. Anyway the longest I managed was I think about 70 days, then fell back - numpty!!

But after every fail I would try again and normally after a few 1 - 2 day attempts within a couple of weeks I'd be back on track, and so here I am 3 weeks gone (again) but now I am so tired of it that I really will never go back to it - 2013 has been the year of stopping smoking, its dominated my life and I'm never gping back to that again.

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  • Wow - you have been torturing yourself this year! :eek: I could not imagine going through those first few days over and over and over again! Yes - let this be it!!! You have survived a few weeks - no need to start over again. Give yourself a break! Just think how great 2014 will be with 6 months already smoke free!!! Don't let 2013 be a whole year of nicotine withdrawals!!! You are doing great - hang in there and win the fight this time!:D

  • oh that cycle is a hard one to break :eek:

    but you know what?

    forget about previous quits they are in the past

    just look at them as learning curves most people on here dont stay quit the first few times and it can take a long time for them to finally reach there last quit

    so stand tall and be proud your on the right path to winning your freedom back


  • Never Again....What absolute Torture !

    Well all I can say is this...STAY ON THIS FORUM...honestly, stay on here, make this your bible and switch on whenever you can. Not going to preach because You of all people know your limits and the patterns but rise above that now and remember it never made it any better by smoking and remember the pain and regrets of starting again. Nicotine is mans most addictive substance, more addictive than Heroine it is what it is A DEMON. Don't be one of the sad tragic statistics that is 1 in every 6 seconds 1 person worldwide will die from a smoking related decease. It has become worldwide epidemic now. Read all the facts, google all your images - IT IS NOT A PRETTY whatever, however it takes.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to reading your posts, be very kind to yourself and listen to your heart and not the nicotine brain.

    take Care x

  • All - thank you for your support - its very much appreciated. I do feel a bit differently about it this time - I definately do not miss smoking, but I am kinda tired of it dominating my life.

    So no matter how miserable I ever feel in the middle of a crave, I know that its nothing compared to the misery of enduring this never ending bl@@dy chain if I pick up the smokes again. So I'm on a mission this time - and know I wont smoke again.

  • How's things, neveragain?:) I was sad to read about the early part of your year, but as has been said.......that is in the past, it's gone; and it's the here and now, and the future that matter. You are finally achieving what you have been wanting for a long time and that it just so wonderful. It is your achievement; reached through your own hard work and effort. I'm really happy for you!



  • I will not smoke today. I am not going back to the start. That is all

  • 4 weeks ago tonight I put out my last ever smoke. A few tough moments along the way but all in all it's not been too bad.

  • 4 weeks ago tonight I put out my last ever smoke. A few tough moments along the way but all in all it's not been too bad.

    I guess we've all been there to some degree - the feeling of constantly fighting and feeling deprived, winning the battle 99.9% of the time and then that pesky 0.1% of the time crops up and we find ourselves thinking 'just one won't hurt'. WRONG - it's straight back to square one, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

    Once you've kicked that mind game into touch, and stop feeling deprived, then it becomes much easier to make that 100% commitment and embark on "THE QUIT THAT LASTS".

    Look at the posts from long term quitters, and read their early posts. You can see the early mindset which leads to long term success. It shines like a beacon, and you can see it in some of the posts of very recent quitters - people like yourself now, for whom the penny has finally dropped.

    To me, this sounds like 'the one' for you, so long as your remember - 'Not One Puff Ever'. Stick to that, never let complacency creep in, and you cannot fail.

  • Hey, thanks. I appreciate the support so much. I actually can't really believe I went back to smoking after quitting in 2011. Strangely even when I was smoking again I still felt like a non smoker, but with a secret temporary relapse. I'm happy to be back to being a non smoker :)

  • Great job

    Well done! It sounds like this time is the one for you. We are about the same time into this (6 weeks) so give me a shout if you need a kick or a hug!


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