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Day 86 and still going!

Hi everyone, just thought I would check in. Day 86 for me today. I can now see day 100 on the horizon!

I am off to Brazil next week for a 2 week holiday. The last time I didn't smoke on holiday was circa 1992!! This will be the biggest test for me and if I get through the holiday smoke free then in my mind that will mean I have well and truly cracked it!

I have zero intention of smoking on holiday. I will not throw away three months of quitting, and also day 100 will happen slap bang in the middle of my trip. I got through Christmas and new year, so can get through the holiday.

The other major factor is I am running the London marathon. Did a 25 km training run last Saturday, which I could never have got through as a smoker!! Loving my new healthy sporty life. Am not going back to a life where I puff away on those dreadful cigs!

Keep going everyone.

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Really well done Woody - hope you have a great holiday - this will be a really good hurdle to get over - if you managed Christmas and New Year this will be a walk in the park :)


You have soooo got this in the bag now Woody... Get through the holiday smoke free and you will crack it, it's like a psychological battle now and there's no way you will let Nic beat you, have a brilliant holiday :) x


That's great news, keep up the good work.

And a holiday to Brazil to celebrate 100 days - way to go!


Absolutely brilliant Woody. :)

You should be immensely proud of yourself and what you've achieved.

Have a great holiday, and you'll have to give us a wave from the Marathon :D


Thanks all for your replies. They really do help!


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