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No Smoking Day
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Starting to lose heart, but still going.

Hi all,

This is possibly my 100th quite attempt. I'm 25 and have been smoking since I was 16. I desperately don't want to reach the 10 year smoker milestone. Have a lovely son who is 2, who I don't want to set a bad example for (although I never smoke indoors or around him) and a lovely wife wh's also 25 (we're quitting together).

Vowed to quit 'for good' when I returned to work after Christmas in January, but soon relapsed. Have spent the past 6 weeks or so making various pathetic quit attempts that have lasted between an hour and a day.

Have quit before for 4 months using Paul McKenna's hypnosis CDs, but the CDs aren't having the same impact this time around. It was just so easy last time!

I was given a box of Nicorette Inhalators by a friend, so my wife and I are using these and they are so far working ok.

We tried to quit yesterday, but relapsed last night when our young son decided to throw the tantrum of his life in the middle of a supermarket and all the way home (ppor excuse I know!)

It's difficult quitting together, as there's double the potential for a relapse and we are usually too hung up on our own withdrawal sysmptoms to be very encouraging to eachother (how terrible!).

But we're not giving up on giving up as they say, so here we are again. Starting to feel a little pointless, but I'm clinging on to the fact that I've done this before, so I can do it again.

Good luck to all other quitters.



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good luck this time!

but our kids have paddys and tantrums if we smoke or not, and you can use everything and anything as a reason to fail........we have all been there , find what works for you , and stick with it , read the forum tips area for advice.


Hi Cris & wife,

If you keep at it you will succeed, keep trying and good luck.



Hi, Chris! Keep going with the quit! I smoked for 35 + years a pack and 1/2 to 2 packs a day. Quit CT on Jan. 18, 2009. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Just set your mind to it. The first 3 days are hard for some, and the first 3 weeks too, but after that pretty amazing and your going to wonder why you waited so long to quit. This forum is the best for support. Everyone has been there and will help you every day. If you don't want to post, just read what others are saying. It's really a big help. Also read all the info you can. Hang in there!

Quit: Jan.18, 2009

Method: CT and forum


Just take it hour by hour at first once your over the first few days you will be on a roll. do what ever it takes to get some time under your belt. You will have good advie and support on here. Good luck to you both. Keep reading and posting let us know how your doing.xxxxxx


Chris, like yourself and your wife, I have two children 10 and 12 who I deparately didn't want to grow up thinking smoking was OK. All my kind talks to them about why cigarettes are so bad for you, then they see their mum and dad popping outside for a smoke. I stopped nearly 4 weeks ago, yes it has been tough at times, but it's not painful at all, just a little frustrating. I have used a relaxation tape (headphones on, nobody to disturb me for 20 mins) and it has been calming. What I have found now that I can really enjoy moments with the girls, movies etc. without that little voice popping up occassionally telling me to pop out for a moment because I need a nicotine fix. The three weeks have flown by, although odd days at the time seemed to drag, but when I look back now I think wow, nearly 4 weeks, Fab. Stay away from caffeine, or cut it down, drink plenty of water and juice, read lots from the links on peoples posts, some of the info. will really suprise you. Most of all be strong, whenever that urge gets too much, take a look at your beautiful son (or a picture if he's not about), take a deep breath and remember all the reasons not to smoke. Remember, it's just a habit in the end, and a nasty one. Good Luck to you and your wife.


I agree

I can't add anymore to these posts. I am a newbie. 2 days 'clean'. My oldest is 9 and I don't want her thinking its ok to smoke. Keep going and well done!


You can both quit. keep reading and replying to this site, very helpful site.

Good luck


Hi Chris

A big welcome to you and your wife and well done deciding to quit you will get plenty of help and support on here we all help each other so you need never feel alone

take each day as it comes and read anything you can find

lots of luck



Thanks everyone!

It will really help having people hear that are either doing the same thing or have done it in the past.

It's tough going, there's no escaping that, but it's a question of how much you want it.

I look forward to chatting to you all soon.


Hi Chris

May I suggest that you search out and read some of Stuarth's post's he has a son nearly the same age as yours so they may help you

I know it will be hard but it will get better and after all anything worth having or doing is never easy

Good Luck


Trying is important


The important thing is that you are trying and that is good as well. I have never tried before and have two sons of 5 and 1. As you I don't want them to think smoking is good.

I am only on day 3 but what is working with me is keeping busy.

Good luck to you both.



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