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No Smoking Day
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Day 19 and still going

Hi guys. Just checking in to say Im still going strong after 19 days on the wagon.

I survived a MASSIVE party over the weekend without smoking and things are still manageable although I am still a Champix junkie :eek:

One thing I am very disappointed about is that I feel absolutely no damn different to when I smoked!!....i feel a bit cheated although the extra cash saved (about £200 so far) is nice!!

Keep going everyone. Im sure we'll crack it.

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Yup , imagine inside our bodies , millions of cells are getting on with repairing the damage we have done.

This time there is no smoke , no CO, no ****nic, no tar , no nasties to stop these cells from getting on with the repairs.

BIG biology/artistic license taken in how our cells work, but its true! :)

Good on ya


Cheers guys!!

Not going outside every 20 mins or so (I never smoked in my house) is actually starting to seem normal now. I felt completely lost not doing it at first.

Ive got to go and see my GP to check in next week. I think he'll be even more suprised than I am that Im still going strong!! He hasnt seen me since my quit day.

As always thanks for the kind words.

Best wishes


I only smoked one every hour and a half or so really and, because I smoked outside, would sometimes not even bother later on in the evenings. I never woke up in the night and smoked and I didn't smoke in my car. I didn't usually have one first thing in the morning (though at one stage I did find myself doing this now and then).

When I stopped I felt nothing healthwise and, in the early days, wondered what exactly what it was benefiting. My teeth weren't any whiter, as they weren't discoloured yet anyway and I didn't yet have that brown stain in between my finger tips.

The truth is I'm only 24 and have only been smoking ten a day for 8 years. I have caused myself a lot of damage inside, but nothing that my body can't sort out at this early stage of life. The damage that I would definately have caused in the future though would most likely be the thing to kill me or at least dampen my quality of life.

Anyway, my point is that these positive effects really creep up on you. I suddenly started to notice (a few weeks back) an improvement in my energy levels, in my confidence, and also in my chest/breathing slightly too. My purse is a lot heavier (though I seem to be able to spend it just as quickly :rolleyes:) and I am just very happy to not have to rely on a dirty stinking weed to get me through the day!

It won't be too long before you feel this way; You just have to make it very clear to Nasty Nic that you've had enough and he is not coming back into your life :D


To be honest, I saw one of my friends Dad at the weekend. He was diagnosed with throat cancer 18 months ago and had to have his voicebox removed. What more motivation do I (or any of us) need than that!!


Well done for staying strong. Parties are a big challenge, it's good to get through them. I never feel any benefits when I quit either, but still well worth it


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