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Day One Cold Turkey

Day one, going cold turkey. (NRT doesnt really fit with my personal goals and philosophy) Smoked for 13, almost 14 years since the age of 14 and tried to quit lots of times. I work at home alone now and dont live with smokers anymore (parents, ex partners, flatmates etc etc) so feel more confident. Wish me luck! :) I really hope it goes well...

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Hey Kiddo!

Congrats on taking that first step :D

I too work from home and today (Day 7) is the first time that I have been alone to my own devices - this forum is now my conscience!

Welcome to the forum and good luck - there are plenty of people here with lots of firm advice and experiences!




Thanks alot, and congrats on going a whole week, I think that's really amazing. :)


Well done for taking the first step.

I generally went cold turkey (with the back up of an e cig) and although its hard to begin with it will get easier.

You have an advantage that you aren't going to be around smokers initially, but be aware that you will face them eventually and be prepared for the temptation.

Best of luck to you, and heres to a smokefree new year.


Well done Kiddo! Go for it young sir!


Well done on choosing to quit Kiddo, and good luck!


Good luck kiddo! You can do it!

I'm on my second day and thus far, all ok! First day I felt excited about stopping. Today during the day I felt restless! So I'm wondering what tomoro will bring ;-) I already feel cleaner and fresher, and I feel strong :-)

Keep us posted kiddo, you've taken the hardest step already!



Cold Turkey

CT me too!!! You can do it, I am coming into day 4 and staying strong. You can too!! Lots of really bad juju happening for me right now but I am not giving up. Sometimes you just have to dig your heels in and ride it out :)


G'day kiddo,

Don't be too disappointed in yourself if you do feel like you need NRT. I'm doing nicotine mints, but only 2-3 per day at the most. Havent had a mint all day today which is great!

You'll find you'll wanna bite someones head off lol


:o well done im on day 12 day, and for me i can assure you if you make it through the first 2-3 days everyday after becomes easier and easier.................................GOOD LOOK KEEP AT IT AND JUST THINK OF YOUR NEW LIFE AHEAD OF YOU:D:D


well done kiddo...5 days in for me Cold turkey....absolutely harrowing to be honest. I think if you dont hear the truth then you can get complacent...keep it up I was refreshing this forum every 30 secs at one stage....I am still craving quite badly but I am swatting them away like hour at a time I took it initially and still taking it...


Hi I am new on here, my name is Sarah and I am on Day 5 cold is so so hard and I am finding it a nightmare.

Smoked 20 roll ups a day for 25 Years

Method: Cold Turkey

Quit on Friday 18th January 2013


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