No Smoking Day
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Day 1 for me!

Hi guys :). Im new here and joined as i have tried every nrt the nhs offers as well as e cigs etc and nothing works so im going cold turkey and thought this may be a good place of support!

My main motovation for stopping is im now 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and i really need to stop, im really going to stop!!

Im a heavy smoker, 20 a day easily and recently went to the gp and blew in the carbon monoxide meter which was 22 and not even on his chart which was a short sharp shock!!

I am determined and i will succeed!!

Any tips would be greatly recieved!

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Good luck on your quit and your 3rd child :) Plenty on help on here, never be afraid to post ;)


Morning Chevy, and a Big Fat Welcome to the forum from me too. :)

Many congratulations both on your pending new arrival and your quit! :D

You have the best of motives there to make this the Final Quit and I am sure your children will be extremely proud of you. Just keep telling yourself that the latest arrival will never have known you as a smoker.

Things may not always be smooth going over the next few weeks but I promise you that if you can just hold on in there it really won't be long before you're through the worst of it and then you'll be well on the way to being permanently free. We've all been there (and most of us tried & failed many times before we found the key to success) and we'll do everything we can to help you on your journey.

Stick around Chevy, keep posting and I for one shall be cheering you on. Think how fantastic you'll feel when next time you blow in the carbon monoxide monitor you score a big fat zero. Good for you girl!


Congratulations and good luck. I once blew more than that on the detector, and after 2-3 days it goes down to zero, so I wouldn't worry too much.


Welcome aboard Chevy :)

I blew 36 when I first decided to quit :eek:

Great satisfaction when I blew a 1 last time.

Good luck, this place is brilliant at helping :)


Thank you all for your support!

Wow 36 on a carbon monoxide meter!!

Its coming up to lunchtime now which im dreading as afrer meal times are when i most like a fag! May go for a walk or something instead!



Hello and so lovely you are brining a new person to this lovely world.

I,m so excited in the fact that you have chosen to to quit, not only that you have chosen, to reinforce your quit with the help of the forum.

You can quit, you are quitting, the only difference between you and the long term quitters is, they just kept going, the great news is you can follow in there footsteps.

Great to have you with us, Max is right post and read often. Sending a little luck your way


Hi chevy, well congratulations on your first day, the next couple will be critical. It sounds like you have the motivation to stop and with this forum you will have the means. If you ever feel yourself wobbling then please just post a rant on the forum and wait for a few replies. You will find that you will feel stronger knowing that so many people are behind you.


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