No Smoking Day

Day 1 for me!

Hi everyone, have just joined the forum to say it is day 1 for not smoking for me. I have been a smoker for the last 10 years and despertely want to quit. I am on NRT as I don't think I would suceed with will power alone. Have actually had a really good day and it wasn't until I came home from work that my withdrawal really kicked in! I think it has so much to do with habit and the "smoking rituals" that people follow that half the time we light up just for the sake of it!

Am planning on keeping myself busy this evening to avoid thinking too much.

I have tried and failed a couple of times in the past to stop.

I wish all the "quitters" on here the best of luck. :D

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hey, welcome and well done on quitting

keep yourself busy, i agree with you, the habits the hardest part to break

but its breakable!!!!


Thanks for your welcomes and support guys!

It is so wierd what goes through your head when the old nicotine withdrawal kicks in! I'm not going to but I could so easily whip off to the petrol station right now and buy a pack and smoke the lot!

Best just give my little patch a little rub! :D

I felt so incredibly positive at work today, it was so nice to not have to clock watch planning my next "Break", it was great to be able to smell my perfume all day. I actually went into a room where one of my colleagues had just come back from her fag break and I remember thinking "God you stink"!

Am just desperate to keep hold of my PMA!


have yourself a lovely bubbly hot bath with smellies, oils and candles to get rid of those cravings :) it works for me!


Thanks for the tip, sadly I don't have a bath! Will have to curl up in a ball in the shower tray and see if that works!

Am off to dismantle a bed (V. long story!) to keep busy. (I don't mean I am just taking it apart to keep busy :p - I actually do have to take it apart!)


Stolen from "tales from the quit" but just so correct...

"I believe that part of the toll is sending the message back to those people who are standing at the beginning of the road, wanting to take that first step, that it's o.k. - there were people down this road before you, there will be people coming down the road after you, and others that'll be walking beside you all the way... "


Love it "Austin" - very true.


I too could relate to stuff written within that site, Austin. I was so grateful Catwoman had given me that link and I read most of the site within a day! I deliberately stopped reading so much, so fast, so that I could look forward to reading some more of that site the next day too!

The whyquit site is pretty scary too!


it's so apt Samo.

I'm coming into my fifth month and looking over my shoulder i see a road with a few ups and downs but generally pretty smooth.

When i started the road looked like a dirt track snaking up a mountain with a 1000ft drop on one side.

Although it appeared daunting i knew that this time i was going to make it.

Apologies for my serious post, it won't happen again...;)


Hi Samo and well done for taking the step of becoming a non smoker.

You will get lots of support I am sure. I found for the first few days i drank loads of water and took deep breaths when i had a craving. The habit does last longer than the craving but just keep telling yourself why you are doing this.

You will, smell better, have more money, probably live longer and that is just 3 of the benefits.

Anyway Good luck xx


Hi. I'm a newby too. I'm just approaching 24 hours without a ciggy :D. I've been taking champix for 9 days. I'm quite surprised at how little (so far) its bothered me not smoking. I've smoked for 20 years roughly 20 a day.


Well welcome Lambchop, congratulations in taking the decision to quit and all the best.

I am actually feeling positive at the end of day 1. I am proud of my efforts today but realise I need to take everything day by day and hour by hour.

Will catch up with you all tomorrow night and see how everyone is feeling



Hallo evryone.

It's lovely to see people starting to get away from THAT tyrant that keeps us all poor and miserable.

Go for's better with some friends around, and there are plenty on here!



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