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Day 1 For Me


Had my last cigarette lastnight. Watched the TV program Junior Doctors and was moved by a very ill guy on there with lung disease. He said "this is what smoking does to you"... I'd normally try and convince myself that I'd never be like that, but I have decided that I am going to do everything I can to reduce the chances of me ever being like that.

I've tried quitting many many times before so I know how tough it is. I am going CT. I'm quite lucky in that my family don't smoke and hate me doing so. For this reason I always smoke during the day when then are out and at night when they are in bed, and always in the garden. I never smoke when out in public, in my car, or in anyone else's house... so most of my triggers are around being at home and being on my own. I know that in the early days/weeks going out more and finding things to do that don't allow for a break every 5 mins will help!

I think 'treats' for me will help too. I'm the sort of person who wants results fast and if I don't see improvement in myself in the early days/weeks of a quit then at least I can enjoy things that I have bought/experienced as a result of saving the money I would have spent on fags.

So, with all this in mind I walked up to the shops this morning and spent £6 on a lovely bunch of flowers - they are so much nicer to look at than those grim photos on the back of the cigarette packs! Oh, and they smeller nicer too!

Have been doing just fine today so far. Met a few of you on here last night, but a big 'hello' to the rest of you. Good luck to all, especially the others on Day 1 and anyone finding it a bit tough going at the mo.

Phoebe x

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Hi Phoebe and welcome too :)

Great post to read and background of your regular smoking habits. To spin things around I guess you could say that your respected your family to such an extent that you never smoked around them.

The cost of smoking and that saving will be really noticeable to you. And then you have tried quitting previously so you'll be aware of the first 3 days being a bit trying to say the least. But after the nicotine is out of your system you can start working on debunking the flawed positive messages of smoking that you my have in your physche.

To do that we push the mantra of Read, Read, Read and educate yourself about what you're going through. There is loads of info on the Forum as well as in some members' sigs. Don't be afraid to ask, do share, do take part and lastly, try and make this a good experience as well.

Cav :)


Hi, Phoebe,

I have been keeping an eye out for you today.

Like you I never used to watch things like that (on Jnr Docs) not because I thought it would never happen to me but cause I thought it could so I already knew the risk what was the point in watching it. Truth be told I was too much of a coward to watch. Doesn't bother me anymore. I watched one on here and it reinforced my quit so much and I sobbed my heart out.

I also smoked outside. This will be a massive benefit to you now as you have no trigger of sitting down wit a cuppa to watch your fav programs as you don't do that. May I suggest that if you would like to track your money saved etc you could get a quit counter for your computer. I used to have mine open every day as it really helped. I only open it now when I am coming up on a milestone of if I want to put my stats up on here

Treats are a great idea. One of the guys from October sealed a jar and put £6 a day in and opened it last month and had £700 init. Wish I had done that now but my savings paid for the kids christmas and then my DD's birthday.

God sorry I have really rambled on there. Everything our Cav has said is spot on.

OMG I nearly lost this whole post then my screen just changed and for the first time ever the back button worked and DIDN'T remove all the writting,

Stay strong, come on here if you stuggle, or if you don't or if you just need to remove yourself from it for a bit.



Hi Phoebe,well done in deciding to quit, glad to have you on board.

We all help each other so keep posting.

Joan xxx


Day one of the rest of your life! Congratulations on your quit. We're all with you every step.

Go sniff those flowers. Better than stinky fagash any day!

Helen xx


hi phoebe!! welcome and congrats on quitting:D come here as often as needed! we are all here for eachother! keep strong in your thoughts of why you want to quit and you will succeed:D


Congrats :-D just think what u can buy next :-P


Thanks to everyone for the messages. First day drawing to a close and I'm still feeling positive. In the past I've had trouble sleeping when I've given up and i've found that really hard to deal with. Will be hoping for some decent sleep tonight.


Hi Phoebe, hope you slept ok after day one? How are you feeling at the beginning of day two? This forum is amazing having spent ages reading posts, and I'm feeling inspired to bring my quit date forward. Good luck Nx


hi phoebe

hi and welcome this will be the best thing you have ever done (joining this forum and quitting that is)

if i can do it anyone can alot of my friends saw me as a confirmed smoker and are shocked at me still going strong

good luck


Welcome Phoebe, hope it is going well for you.


So far so good... just ending Day 2. Spent 4 hours over the allotment, first time in ages and I really enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. Surpressed some panicky feelings early evening and am off to bed now as this is typically the time I'd be making smoke signals in the back garden. Historically Day 3 for me is a right nightmare... prepare yourselves!!


Hey Phoebe! Congrats and hope day 2 is going OK.

You mentioned that you have tried many times. I remember reading somewhere to the effect that each attempt gets easier and easier until a person is finally successful. Probably because you learn a little more each time.

This is a great place for support. Read, read read......


Will be thinking of you today Phoebe - stay strong! Nx


Stay strong, and good luck. Invest in some drinking straws!


Hi Phoebe,

How's day 3 going? Well l hope. :) Brfore you know it, it will be day 4, day 5, day 6, YIPPEE 1 WEEK :D:D:D

Josie XXX


Thanks for the support guys and gals. I'm holding on to this quit for dear life!!

Booked a gym fitness assessment this morning. Got some new lycra.. hoping in some way that if I looked fit, I might BE fit. I think the word is DELUDED!!! Well, the way they measure how fit you are is to get you to lie perfectly still for 3 mins with a monitor around your chest... breeze! I never exert myself so I'm not one who wheezes or coughs when they run... I just don't ever run! Consequently I had no idea about where on the fitness scale I'd fall. Basically the results showed that 80% of women my age/body mass etc would be fitter than me - blimey!! :-( Another test showed that I have high cholesterol too. I'll do the test again in 6 months, hopefully with improved results as stopping smoking will help in both these areas... the new lycra helped in neither!

So 2 good reasons to go the gym more regularly... the 3rd reason is Mark the fitness coach ;-)

Going to post myself in Day 3.


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