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Tough day


Day 16 today and I'm not having a good one. I stepped down from high to medium strength patches about 3 or 4 days back so I guess I'm still adjusting to a lower level of nico in the blood. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on anything at the moment and I feel tired all the time. I keep reading quitting gives you more energy but I'm not seeing any signs of that yet!

I know I'm not going to smoke today but needed a bit of a rant and to see if anyone was feeling the same after a similar time. Are there many new years quitters still here?

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Rant on TP. I'm almost two weeks ahead of you and understand your frustration. Now, for the most part, I feel great.

Here are some of the bonuses that I am finding at 4 weeks.

The tiredness is starting to lift; it takes a while for our bodies to adjust and repair some of the damage we have caused. If we don't increase our sleep to account for this then we will feel tired.

I feel that I am breathing easier and deeper, and managing to do so without coughing for the first time in a long time.

My circulation has already improved, allowing me to stay warmer (a good thing in the cold weather).

I no longer smell like an ashtray.

I have already saved over $250.00

Stick with it TP. you CAN do it. Interesting fact - It actually takes more willpower to remain a smoker.

I thought about this the other day, as I hadn't noticed any great differences since I quit - and how wrong was I? I no longer cough my guts up in a morning, I can stroll up the hill to work without losing breath (oft overtaking people) and I have become ruggedly handsome*

*not all strictly true


It really does improve. I felt totally out of sorts all through the first month but it started to lift after that (and when you get your first month parked it really is a rubicon moment psychologically, or it was for me anyway :)). No one tells you before you quit that you feel worse (sometimes significantly worse) before you feel better but it's true. Once I started to come out the other side of the pants bit I had so much energy I hardly knew what to do with it. That's partly why I took up running. :D

May your weekend prove to be a happy one. I'm with Tea- time for some treats and self-indulgence.

It's just sooooo torrid that first few weeks, ooooooh but so much good news ahead , the tiredness will pass, you will feel better soon. One of the issues with quitting is, indeed many side effects can happen, tiredness is one but it will pass .

How very well you are doing, get stubborn , don't give in, I can say, the longer you quit, the easier it will be .

Your rocking just keep going

Hi TP, I'm 12 days into my quit and doing ok, had a few tough days but with the help of this site and knowing I didn't want to go back and there is no such thing as 'just one', I survived. I'm still on the higher strength patches, have one week left of them and then I'm going to move to the lower one.

I have noticed quite a few positive changes already:

1) My cough is gone

2) I no longer require sudafed in the morning when I'm feeling all congested as I don't feel like that in the morning anymore.

3) I'm not as breathless

4) I smell lovely (if I do say so myself ;)

5) I'm so much more productive at work

6) I feel less stressed and more content.

Thanks for all the advice and kind words folks :) I got through it - went for a long walk and chain-drank tea all afternoon. My smartphone app also tells me I've saved £35 and not smoked 230 cigs - I don't want to see those figures fall back to zero again!

Onwards to day 17, hopefully a bit easier than the last.

I'm on day 16 now. I can highly recommend some of the quit apps that are available like tp is using. I use the MLC app. (My last cigarette)

I find it really helps when I'm feeling a little low, and anxious.

So yeah you get tough days but a quick look at the app or a visit here often works I find.:)

From TT to TP: we have all been there friend. I was a walking dead zombie without the flesh devouring ;) for 3+ weeks, beginning to feel much more alive and awake now :)

Hope you are having a better day today. Early on I found it difficult to concentrate or motivate myself to do anything. I think I was just exhausted from the what seemed like a constant battle in my head with Mr Nicotine. Walking and running really helped me. You are doing really well, stick with it because it does get better. I've got more energy now and it is just so good not to have cigarettes dictating my life.

Hi tp. Quit 30.13.14. No dramas

Aw this is all quite normal, and will pass, it's just so horrid those first couple of weeks, hats off to you, you are showing who's boss and it's not Mr NICO .

Doing fantastic, on your way to your first month, brilliant .

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