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Tough day


I'm just into week 3, day 15 for me.

I woke up this morning with a tight chest, and really not feeling great and quite low.

Nicodemon is really playing with my mind today, and I've got the overwhelming "just go and have one" going on pretty much constantly.

Trying to throw myself into my work, but it's really not helping!


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Marie - I have days like that - where it almost never stops and when it does sort of ease off a little I still have this feeling of anxiety, sort of like I've forgotten smeothng really important if you know what I mean?

We just need to keep going. I look at posts from people who have been stopped for months and years - they all say it gets easier.

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Hi Marie

These bad days do become less and less, and you also become better at dealing with them.

You're doing really stick with it.


I'm having one of those days too, Marie ... horrible. But yesterday was a really good day, and tomorrow might be as well. And the bad days will get further apart. Day at a time, eh - and whatever helps us get through them!


Honestly marie, I'm having a good day today, yesterday was pretty shit. Get through the rest of the evening and I bet tomorrow will be very different. Hang on in there, we're all here for you.

lisa x

Thank you all for your support. GTAT, that made me laugh!!!

The feelings have not gone, I'm now home from work and really restless!!! Think I'm going to try for an early night just to get today over and done with.

Why can't I think of anything other than ciggies!!!!!!



I lost a 6 week quit a few years back because of the "just one" thought that wouldn't go away........

You/we cannot ever have "one" ...never....DO NOT go there.

Sorry to be so blunt:):)

Yeah I agree with Grumpie...

Last time I had "one" I smoked for 2 more years and had two more bad bouts of bronchitis. I wish I'd never had that one, I could have been two years quit now. That "one fag" is stupid anyway, the memory of fags for some reason is so,so,so much better than the experience. Just remember that fag will taste bloody awful; make you cough, dizzy and feel sick; just make you want another one straight away; make you very sad as you've failed in your quit; make you smell awful and your mouth taste of an ashtray. Someone on here sums it up in their signature very well...something like "the illusion of a cigarette is so much better than the reality" or something like that. Anyway...just think of the reasons why you want to quit again, and yeah go to helps me to go to bed on shitty days.


I won't be having one - like you say it's more the memory.

I'm stronger than ever this quit, and I'm so pig headed sometimes so am really determined not to let the demons win.

Just hate feeling like my head is full of cotton wool for a whole day!:(

Know what you mean about that "cotton wool" head...for me it comes and goes. I especially hate having one at work and driving! My brain just seems like it doesn't want to shift up a gear and I just seem to be staring around blankly not taking anything in. Horrible feeling.

My head seems to be getting clearer for longer the more days I'm quit so fingers crossed it goes altogether some time soon. xxxx

A good friend of mine has just chatted with me on Facebook and has just given me all the armour I need to shield myself from this.

Amazing how one person can say just the right thing to get your head in the right place!

Oooh I remember the cotton wool head very well. I'm still trying to catch up at work weeks after my cotton wool cleared. It does go away though, my head is lovely and clear now....much clearer than when I was smoking in fact, it's worth the wait in the end :)


Sorry you have had such a bad day Marie. It's strange how some days are so much easier than others, I always find it easier to go to bed early on the bad days in the hope that tomorrow will be a good day:D Stick with it you are doing great :D

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