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Tough day out of the blue


I've come down with one of those "man flu" colds this week, and it's managed to light one of the worst types of cravings!

Basically, I've been through the sore throat, streaming eyes and then splitting headaches over the weekend, and, feeling cheated out of my day off ill, took today as a sickie to get myself properly fit. But lying on the sofa, with a cuppa and the pc, I have the most horrible feeling that this would be a perfect day to enjoy some free time with a fag. I think I need to go to the supermarket to buy some crisps, so I have another unhealthy treat instead. I'm NOT going to be beaten after almost 50 days dammit!!!

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Hi Barney

It may be just another trigger situation (being poorly)that you haven't yet come across. I suppose when we smoked we looked forward to being able to enjoy one properly after the sore throat and bad chest had settled down a bit. Stay strong, you know it will pass soon ;)


Oh no Barney, stay strong!!! Getting crisps is a good idea, i do that! But get some nice healthy or delicatessen things too, to really treat yourself. remember cig only taste great whilst you smoke (and not even then some would argue), but you left feeling sick, esp now you didn't smoke so long.

Write on this forum to get away:)

I find anything chocolatey is good for any illness, must be the dopamine-inducing stuff in there ;)

Stay strong and off the smokes - after this amount of time it'd probably made you feel more ill than better anyway.

Hope you feel better soon

Jen x

Arrrrgh no Barney, go with the crisps, and emergency chocolate if necessary:( I had a craving last night and still feel out of sorts today, suppose it's just part of the process. But I won't if you won't:D

Pamper yourself with that cold too:D



Ooh Barney - they tell me that Man Flu is the worst illness known to mankind :eek: Hope you feel better soon.

And of course you won't smoke - that would be mad.

Still here, and not dying so bad as last night (actually, I'm not normally a sufferer of man flu, but this weekend, I've been in bed at 6pm, and that's not normal at all). Thankfully most cravings have gone, but I do have an almost constant most wonderful taste cigarettes somewhere at the back of my throat. I'm sure I'm not alone in getting that taste now and again!

It is a lovely taste*, but remember the price you have to pay to get it.

Hope you're feeling better

*sort of..its not so much the taste as that inhalation feeling for me. Anyway DON'T think about that!

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