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40 days and its tough

Hi all. Well 40 days has gone but it seems to be tougher the past few days. Strangely I'm kinda feeling slightly resentful that I can't smoke which is crazy cause I don't really want to smoke but I think I'm in a strange bereavement place where I feel like I've lost something dear to me. I know it's crazy and it's simply that a thing which was a huge part of my life has gone. Paradoxically I'm sooo glad it's gone but I miss it. Nevertheless I'm glad that I'm free from it and I look forward to being smoke free. I suppose it's a bit like the empty nest syndrome when your kids leave home and part of you feels a sense of freedom but another part is missing them . I know this ramble doesn't make much sense, but the positive thing is I'm still in there fighting and winning the battle. Love to you all. Jonno

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40 days, excellent!


Yes you make sense, the 'lost' feeling is something I (and many others) have felt especially in the early stages on our quits.

It does pass, promise:)

You are doing so well, way to go:)

Fi x


Great to see you hanging in there Jonno :D


well done keep up the good work!


Yeah man, know exactly what you talking about. I think we all go through something like that. It's happened to me quite a few times, but nothing is gonna make me go back to being a smoker. Life is just so much better this way.


Hi Jonno :)

A huge well done for reaching day 40!

Around this time was the hardest part of my quit. I think the excitement of being smoke free disappears and I suppose that people aren't as interested in how it's going anymore. I don't mean that to sound cruel, more just that life moves on and, understandably, there are more important things to be getting on with :)

It left me feeling very lost and lonely, and I resented other smokers who weren't "punishing themselves". I know, stupid right?

I felt low and my skin, which had improved in the beginning of my quit, was becoming spotty (which wound me up). I was still constantly thinking about smoking and it annoyed me that there were other quitters around me who seemed to be managing just fine.

Anyway, the story above is me hoping that you can relate to some of those feelings. That way, you can believe me when I say that things got much much better and I now feel awesome :D It was so worth the bad days and the doubt! I knew that deep down this is what I wanted (let's face it, it's what every smoker wants) and I'm so happy that I stuck with it.

You're doing great and I'm sure you'll ride through this rough patch and feel really proud of yourself for it!

It only gets easier from here :p xxx


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