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Day 5....again

So I stopped smoking in 2011/12 for 8 months, only to stupidly start again. Ive tried many times since but i never make the 24 hours, excusing myself to start tomorrow every time I tried. Fimiliar for all us addicts!

So I'm in day 5, and amidst the cravings, the blurred vision and tingly feet, the anger and the tears, I have the increasing odd occasion of remembering when I stopped last time, that non-smokers dont rush! They dont rush a cig before they go into a buidling, they dont rush out after a meeting for a cig, always rushing for that next fix! I had forgotten the sense of calm I had as a non-smoker, albeit it took about 2 months to feel that way!

So in relative calm, Im working my way through my milestones, getting to that calm place again.

Stick with it guys!

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Hi Gally, I too am striving to get to the calm place :) good luck x


Welcome Home Gally :D

Speaking from the perspective of being a recent Penthouse arrival (early December) I can certainly reiterate what Max has said- I would certainly have written me off as a lost cause (and I had never made it past 48 hours on any of my previous quits) so there's no reason at all why you shouldn't go the full distance this time regardless of how many previous attempts you've made. I do genuinely believe we learn from all the 'practise runs' and as you've already achieved a PB of 8 months you definitely have the tools and resolve to make this the Final Quit.

I shall be cheering you onwards :)


Hi Gally

I quit on 4/1/2015 as well...after spending most of 2014 either trying to quit or relapsing. This year I am determined to keep going. We can crack this once and for all.

Big smiles



As for me, and this is so true I,m sorry to say,

Smoke in the morning .

Patch for work .

And gum now and again.

I truly truly never thought I could quit, let alone for a week or so, but with great support from the forum, determination, it can be done.

Just keep going, if any problems occur, just post and wait, some one will help

And may i say , your doing it, your well on the way to your first week, fantastic, well done


Thank you all for you lovely comments! Just started day 8! xx


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