Day 49 - nearly 2 months

Well, I'm still here............

I haven't been on the site much recently. As you all know, I kicked the booze habit over 18 months ago and this time of year is really hard, so I spend a lot of my time on Soberistas. Giving up my other 'bad habit' has been easier then quitting alcohol - having said that I'm still using the NiQuitin strips. Can't do without those yet.........maybe in the New Year. Don't drink, don't smoke - what the hell else to do!!!!??

Anyway, I thought I'd check in and say hello to you all and to thank you for getting me started on a fag free life.


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  • Thanks Tea - I hope all is well with you xxx

  • You know it's great to hear from you,what ever the addiction,I always think it's best to try and move on, how very very well you are doing I o hope you are so proud doing great. Well done you. My word it is indeed a strong person to admit their addictions. But your amazing doing great, just keep going

  • Good to hear from you again and congratulations on 49 days.

  • Lovely to see you posting miss!

    Congrats on achieving almost two months! :) you've done fantastic! X

  • Awh, you're all so very kind. It's horrible having to live with an addiction, but as Tracey says it takes a strong person to admit they suffer from one (or two), but I've drawn strength from two very good, supportive websites and all the wonderful people that stand by us and give us their time, love and encouragement. Thank you xx

  • I was thinking of you just the other day Miss F. I can well imagine that this must be a particularly difficult time of year for you and all I can say is that you have my wholehearted awe and admiration for your grit, determination and strength. :D

    You may not be able to smoke or drink, but presumably you can eat? I shall wish you all sorts of wonderful Christmas tucker...:)

  • Hi Skiddaw. Oh yes, I shall certainly be eating.........😉 It's not an easy time of year without booze, but it certainly won't be as difficult as last year! I make quite good mocktails.........🍹 xx

  • A huge pat on the back from me xx

  • Thanks Gerti3 👍👍 xx

  • My favourite is Mojito. I bash together fresh lime, mint and sugar and add sparkling water. So refreshing! I suppose you could make mulled wine as long as you brought the wine up to boiling point - not something I would risk. I buy ready made - zero alcohol!! xx

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