Yuck...what's that smell!!

Day 4 and my sense of smell must be coming back. Walked into the house after work and all I could smell was smoke so I knew the hubby was home but we've never smoked in the house so I took a wiff of his coat on the banister, it was disgusting. Then when I walked into our bedroom I could smell it again from his work clothes. I so didn't realise how much I used to stink!!!

On a plus side I actually smelt the flowers on my lunchtime walk today never normally do so it's not all bad lol!

How's everyone's day 4 been?

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  • Keep on sniffing, Mrs M- you'll smell more lovely things every day :D

    May I suggest you treat yourself to a big bunch of flowers to celebrate reaching the end of Week 1?

  • Thanks folks! Great idea Skiddaw, I think I will or a new dress as I'm out for dinner with the in laws tomorrow evening... decisions decisions lol

  • Both. Definitely both...;)

  • Lol love it!

  • well done, buddy! I disgusted the smoke stink too.

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