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No Smoking Day
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The yuck and the yay!

On day 34 now, and all is going well.

The yuck:

I've been living with my asthmatic OH for 6 years now, but prior to that I was a student and used to smoke in the house. Last night I was going through some of my old uni work and the folders were all covered in that horrible sticky film that smoking leaves. I'd forgotten how dirty that feels. And to think that's what I was coating my lungs with :eek:

The yay:

Tonight I'm off to a nearby city to see a play. Going straight after work in the hope we don't get caught up in traffic, although there's still a chance that could happen. Before I would've been panicking about when I could get a smoke in, or worse, I might not have been able to have one until half 10 tonight. Similarly, there's a 15 min interval out of 3 hours, which again would've meant rushing around to go to the loo and have a smoke. But not now! :cool:

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thats wat keeps me strong

the freedom i just cant get enough of it


Reading your post I thought I'd add that I booked myself and the OH tickets to the cinema for Friday evening, it will be so lovely to get through a whole film without twitching for a smoke.

In fact, I probably wouldn't have even booked it when we were smoking, it would have all been far too traumatic.

Here's to a brand new social life for us all, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the benefits of your non smoking evening out !!



I shudder to think what vileness I would find if I found any old uni stuff, I lived in a house with four VERY heavy smokers and smoked a lot myself, everything was brown and stinky. I remember once we took down the net curtains to wash them and they literally dissolved in a kind of brown soup. Yeeeuch.

I know what you mean about the play, it's nice to spend the interval at the bar instead of bolting out of the theatre, elbowing old ladies out of the way as you race outside to stand in the wind and rain to frantically puff at a cigarette.

What was the play you went to see?


Went to see Othello with Dominic West (:D) and Clark Peters from The Wire as Iago and Othello. It was really good, although I didn't get home until half one so I am absolutely exhausted today!


Ooh, jealous! Dominic West is great. And Clark Peters. What a pairing. Wish I could see it!


Well done Jen. 34 days I am so proud of you , keep going :D


Well done

Well done calamity 34 days .


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